We all share the caring and intelligent actions our cats take, and together we change the mighty stream of unthinking reflex when it comes to cats. There’s more ways to get our cat to be affectionate in The Way of Cats than the article you are reading now. When we dump treats into the puzzle box, she growls at the treats if they don’t cooperate.
Make our request into a favor we ask of them; after we have tried something else to meet the need they are expressing. There’s more to raising and training a cat with The Way of Cats than the article you are reading now.
Clockwise from left: James Bond, the 12-year-old Supervisor and Norwegian Forest-Oriental mix. It’s a good time to think about what we have given to others that have made them happy. Expensive breed or random feral, any of our cats would be facing homelessness without us in their lives.

Sign up for my Newsletter!If you'd like to join the Happy Subscribers getting advance notices, special offers, and even more Cat Talk, sign up for my once-a-month newsletter. I don’t doubt that, with such an attitude, the cats they encounter have no interest in trying to change their mind. This thinking holds two contradictory thoughts; that cats are too dumb to react in any way that would show they acknowledge loving care, and that cats are also so smart that they manipulate us into taking care of them while they give nothing back. See this map of cat ownership worldwide to get a sense of how many people enjoy cat companionship. Unlike a goldfish, which has limited means of showing affection, and unlike dogs, who respond with affection no matter how they are treated, cats bestow their friendship only upon those who show they believe it exists. Continually trying to block these cats from their goals will only increase the cat’s efforts. We can sneak something else into the cupboard, and give them the substitute when they beg for the forbidden object. But like all strong-willed beings, cats can convince themselves that they cannot rest until they have whatever it is.

We can let them smell our wine or martini and come to their own conclusions about its deliciousness.
Olwyn was dropped off in a cardboard box and was nursed back from death by a devoted shelter. By popular demand, I have an alternative processor if you want to use your credit card without going through PayPal. Bottom of picture: RJ, two-and a half, a Mainly-Maine Coon, who still has some growth spurts ahead of him.

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