Today I am going to review the Lego 7936 Level Crossing, but what is a train track without a level crossing? Because you asked for it today we bring you a variety of images of the new 2012 LEGO City theme.
How would the cars of Lego city able to cross the road without being warned when the train is coming? We must let you know that this are not all of the sets and that we have more images on the way so stay tuned!

The set comes with 142 pieces, and of those 142 pieces it includes 4 pieces of track, one construction worker minifigure, and a fully functional Lego crane. The Level crossing has a purpose, to stop Lego traffic from the oncoming train, and goes up and down when you choose to close it. The Lego crane that came with the set has a purpose, its purpose is to pick up and put down train tracks, and it also has a unique feature. It can also ride around the track, because you have an option of lowering the train track wheels to make train track construction a breeze.

With the bulldozer you can clear away rubble, and build your train set, one track at a time. According to Lego, this set is going to get more and more difficult to find, but if you see one on a store shelf, go and pick it up!

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