This Primary Source set is merely an sample of resources from the digitized collections at the Library of Congress. Examining the Historical Representation of the Holocaust within Trade Books Bickford, Rich and Schuette, Journal of International Social Studies, Vol. Examining the Historical Representation of Thanksgiving within Primary and Intermediate Children’s LiteratureBickford, J.
Facilitating Students’ Historical Scrutiny of Credibility within Slave NarrativesBickford, J.

Trade books’ Historical Representation of Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Helen KellerBickford, J. Eastern Illinois University is authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Two prisoners in the foreground are supporting a comrade, as fainting was frequently an excuse for the guard to "liquidate" useless inmates. Learning from the Titles of Library of Congress Primary Sources – Part 1 and Part 2Rich, C.

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