Lego Ideas lets creative builders submit their own Lego set ideas to the company, and, with enough support from fans and approval from Lego itself, a select few sets go on to become official products available for purchase. Allow me then to direct your attention to one of the latest projects seeking support on the site -- a Lego Pokémon Center, submitted by user Savath_Bunny.
The Galaxy S7 On-The-Go Adapter Is Not Just A USB Connector, Samsung Says: What Else Can It Do? A painstakingly recreated Pokémon Center that is detailed on the inside and out, complete with Ash Ketchum, Nurse Joy and Professor Oak minifigures.

Lego has found past success capitalizing on other pop culture sets submitted through Lego Ideas, including Lego sets based on the popular video game Minecraft.
As such it doesn't have too many supporters yet, currently sitting at 808 out of a needed 10,000. Considering Pokémon is still going strong after all these years and is played by millions across the world, recreating one of the most iconic locations from the game in Lego form seems like a no-brainer. That's not even mentioning the amount people would pay for Legofied starter Pokémon like Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

The set has nearly a year to acquire the necessary support before it will be considered by Lego to be made into an official product.
You can check out more pictures of the set on the Lego Ideas page or Savath_Bunny's Flickr.

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