Below you’ll find information regarding placing a sponsorship ad during the National Convention.
You must provide your high resolution graphic to be displayed or use dedicated designers for the National Convention at a price of $40. Online TV Broadcast Ad: Your logo, message or advertisement will be displayed during the convention for all the world to see, LIVE! Yang-Sheng will help its sponsors to establish positive image, conduct survey or run special competition or event, and build up a mutually beneficial community for all…. Website Sidebar and Footer Ads: We have limited display ad space available on the website main page (which appears on every page right now).
Positive message focused campaign: We would love to work with your company to create a positivity-focused campaign. As a 100% independently owned web site, we have the flexibility to create virtually any kind of campaign imaginable.
We retain the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is inappropriate or we feel is in contrast to the positive image of the Yang-Shen network, magazine, and web site.

All display ads (sidebar or footer) must be in JPG, GIF or SWF format, and may be animated. Rich media content or animated GIF files should not have animations exceeding 15 seconds (including loops if any). Rich media content should have the links hard coded into the SWF and must also include a JPG or GIF version for browsers with no Flash installed. To run your website display ad in the E-magazine and on the website add $10.00 per column inch to the cost of your website ads. Request for using the service of a dedicated designer can be made when making payment for the advert package. Our audience consists predominately of practitioners of mind-body exercises (such as Qigong, Taiji, Yoga, reiki, mindfulness meditation, and other meditations), healthcare professionals who are interested in preventive medicine,  and people who are interested in taking care of themselves for health and happiness. One custom option is for a banner size ad that will be displayed across the middle of the Yang-Sheng main page. Ads received that exceed 40K may be optimized at our discretion, which may result in a loss of quality.

We do not have overly strict aesthetic requirements but your ad should be look like it fits on our website, and be compatible with the style and quality of other graphic elements of our site. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or editors.
If you request the service of a dedicated designer, one of these designers will be assigned and will contact you to discuss design and payment details. Yang-Sheng functions under the umbrella of the non-profit World Institute for Self Healing (WISH); therefore, your sponsorship is tax deductible. All advertising rates listed here are introductory rates and are subject to change as our readers increase dramatically. Once payment has been made you will receive further information and instructions via email.

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