When looking for a platter I recommend using a platter and bearing from a vintage transcription turntable as demonstrated by Mike Tweed’s turntable. Once you have chosen your parts, plinth design is as simple as marking the distance from your center spindle to the tonearm. 1 set digital of plans detailing the construction of a remote control submarine (ROV remotely operated vehicle). THE TIP-OFF: SUMMER BEAUTY PREP We help you survive sweltering graduations, teary-eyed weddings, and the dog days to come. Ita€™s officially summera€”and with the start of the new season comes rising temperatures and event invites. The issue is not a new horror; creatures from the shadow realm and the underworld have always romping on the skin or from the inside out of it broken. Lette ring as before are popular Memorial Tattoos, in which the love for the children, parents or partners are expressed. A plinth can be made out of just about anything: wood, slate, and acrylic are a few of the more popular materials used. This arm uses the geometry of the smaller 9” Rega tonearms and again nuts and bolts were used for the adjustable counter weight. With striking color combinations create design your own tattoo moods that freeze the viewer the blood in the veins. There are an endless amount of options when choosing record players from $10-dollar yard sale finds to $250,000 ultra high-end reference turntables. It is possible to cut your own platter out of wood , however it is essential for the platter to be perfectly round so a CNC or water jet-type of cut will be necessary.
The plinth is your opportunity to really get creative, the shape, size and material are all up to you.
Transcription or broadcast turntables make great donor tables because of their sturdy design. By keeping the plinth diameter close to that of the platter and placing the supports outside of that diameter I can mount up to three tonearms quite easily. I used mostly household items for this arm, including nuts and bolts, some foam core board and a penny. Complete list of parts, easily bought at any hardware store, except for the radio control unit, this youll have to buy online (eBay) or any hobby shop. The truth is, wea€™re excited to get gussied up for these sentimental moments, but we also want to take the proper precautions for the weather, emotions, and cameras wea€™ll be facing. You could choose to experiment with different materials or go with tried and true methods for more predictable results.

Reviews of just about any tonearm model are available and can help you find the one best suited for your project.
These bearings were designed to give trouble-free operation for radio stations, 24 hours a day, day after day, year in, year out. You can also join our Facebook group, Tattoo Artist Analog Association where we discuss records and all things analog and art.
Well for me I wanted to have a set up where I could design different tonearms and have a reference platform to test them on. KELLEY HOFFMAN FOUNDATION When it comes to foundation in the summer, either people want their foundation to last all day or they take a light, minimalist approach to their complexion makeup. If you would like to use any of the images displayed on this site for any other purpose, please obtain permission from the owner. There are many options when building your own turntable, in fact you are only limited buy your own creativity. The first place to start with DIY tonearms is a unipivot design, where the arm pivots on a single point. This tonearm is an elegant design with strong aftermarket support and endless upgradeability.
I started with the platter from a Transcriptors hydraulic reference turntable (the one used in Clockwork Orange!).
If you want a flawless finish you dona€™t have to think about for 10 hours, go for a long-wearing formula. I will layout a couple of different approaches to give you with some basic knowledge of turntable design.
Using the mounting distance needed for the tonearm, he plotted his center point and tonearm mounting hole on the Red oak.
Then using downloaded crop circle geometry I plotted my center point and three outboard mounting points for tonearms. Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation Pairing your summer foundation with a silicone-free primer not only will help it last, but it also wona€™t feel as heavy as other primers. He then cut away the unneeded wood, shaping the final product into a strong and functional tear drop shape.
I cut out the plinth into a four interlocking circles design using a simple jig saw and some extra plywood.
In addition, for some people who tend to have oily skin, foundation color can change slightly throughout a hot summer day because of oxidizationa€”it mixes with the air outside, as well as your own natural oilsa€”and a primer can help keep your color true.
Mounting the motor outboard allows its placement to be moved around to find the best configuration.

Try: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water If you want light and easy coverage, serum foundations are your friends.
Try: LancA?me NUDE MIRACLE SHINE CONTROL When controlling shine, you dona€™t want to touch up with a powder foundation because it can get cakey when mixed with perspiration and settle into lines. Try:A MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder Blot in your hot spotsa€”the sides of the nose, the center of the forehead, and the inner corner of the eyes. Dona€™t blot your center of the nose, chin area, or the tops of your cheeksa€”this way, youa€™ll look glowy, but not greasy. Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Mattifying Blotting Films EYES Yes, we can get teary at once-in-a-lifetime eventsa€”but even just during summer in general, we squint at the sun more, and waterproof mascara can help keep your lashes from smudging.
Try: tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara Waterproof eyeliner should also be on your list for the same reasons as above. However, while you can do your typical black or brown, adding a waterproof colorful eyeliner in blue is also a worry-free, on-trend way to bring some fun to your look.
Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner 24 HR Wear BROWS Brows are a great way to add a bit of polish to your look. And if you happen to be wearing a graduation cap, theya€™ll be more front and center than ever.
If youa€™re a brow beginner, and dona€™t feel the need to have the Most Instagram Eyebrows Ever, a good way to start is with a pencil that has a built-in spoolie.
A good way to keep it in place is by using a primer, and you can easily just use any eye shadow primer on your brows as well.
Try: Too Faced Shadow Insurance LIPS Many of us want a long-wearing lip color in the summer. For special events, we suggest using a red lip with a blue undertone to help make your teeth look whiter. Try:A stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso However, if your skintone has more of a yellow undertone, look for less of a true red color, and find a berry hue with a blue undertone.
Try: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5 For an easy day in the suna€”perhaps at a pool or at the beacha€”you might not want to look overly done, but you still get some light color and moisture. Try: Makeup Eraser The Original MakeUp Eraser Whenever youa€™re working with waterproof eye makeup, ita€™s important to also get a remover. Ita€™s a fragile area, and you dona€™t want to be rubbing or pullinga€”you should be gentle.

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