While other website builders limit you to the same boring template already being used by hundreds of others across the web, WebStarts provides you with a true drag and drop interface that makes it easy for you to customize virtually every aspect of your website. Perhaps the number one reason why so many people choose to use WebStarts to create a free website is our team of web experts.
Microsoft account is an e-mail address registered with Microsoft which provides a universal authentication for all Microsoft online entities. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has also introduced the concept of Windows Store that allows users of the operating system to download various apps from the Internet. Likewise, when users try to access SkyDrive, which is a cloud service hosted by Microsoft, the same Microsoft account credentials are required. Same Microsoft account can be used to access Mail, Messaging and People apps that are by default installed along with the installation of Windows 8 operating system.
In all, by using Microsoft account, users can access their personal data, chat with anyone, and reply to their mails from any Windows 8 supported device. Log on to Windows 8 computer with the account using which Microsoft account is to be created. From the Start screen, hover mouse to the bottom right corner of the window, and click Settings from the displayed options.
On the next window, type the password for the current logged on user in the Current password field and click Next. On Sign in with a Microsoft account window, click Sign up for a new email address option from the bottom.
On the opened window, populate the available fields with the appropriate values as desired and click Next. On the Add security info window, populate the fields with the appropriate values and click Next. On the Sign in with a Microsoft account window, click Finish to logon to the Windows with the created Microsoft account. If you add characters to your elearning courses, odds are that you’re also adding some speech bubbles.

I created some speech bubbles for a recent project so I’m making them available for you to use as you wish. On a side note, you’ll notice that the download links go to the new community site’s download section.
That said, for example I don’t really like the use of painted characters mixed with speech bubbles cus I think that identification for end users is more difficult. The Rapid E-Learning Blog shares practical tips & tricks to help you become a rapid elearning pro. It is hosted byTom Kuhlmann who has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and currently runs the community at Articulate. Here are 5 reasons why WebStarts is the best free website builder and why over 2.5 million people already trust WebStarts with their website. With WebStarts you can design a truly unique website that conveys the value of your products and services.
That means websites built with WebStarts are more likely to get found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With Webstarts you can add photo galleries, slideshows, flash, music, videos, Facebook like button, Twitter retweet buttons, and so much more it can’t possibly all be listed here. WebStarts is the only website builder to provide you with the ability to instantly begin accepting credit card payments directly from your website. We’re the only website builder who puts their phone number across the top of every page. If you don’t already have an account you can sign up for a free website by click on this link.
The apps are free or paid software applications or games that are compatible with Windows 8 platform. With the help of SkyDrive, users can upload their personal documents from any computer or mobile device, and can download them from any other device that has access to the Internet and supports SkyDrive. Once Microsoft account is created, and a user logs on to the Microsoft account, the local account automatically gets removed and Windows 8 allows that user to use Microsoft account’s credentials to log on to that PC.

PowerPoint comes with the ability to create your own text callouts, but I find that I like to use ones that look more organic than the PowerPoint shapes. Learn an assortment of production tips, interactive video, and how to build interactive elearning. Learn an assortment of production tips, interactive video, and how to build interactive elearning. Register here. There’s no long, complicated application process you might find with other website builders. In order to download and install apps from Windows Store, users must have a Microsoft account, and that account must be added to Windows Store. However in order to create a Microsoft account on a computer that already has Windows 8 installed on it, a local account is required. I actually thought of leaving a comment asking for some speech bubbles too – you beat me to it!
I prefer using the speech bubbles for the important parts to grab the attention of the users.
One Hop means your website is only one network hop from Google’s primary server base. Even when users log on to Windows 8 computer using local account, and they try to download and install any app from Windows Store, Windows 8 displays a logon box where the logged on user must provide the credentials of Microsoft account.
When combined with new, original content frequent crawls result in your website getting better search engine ranking.

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