If we want to create a dynamic web page, then we have to create a dynamic url that will create a parameter query contains a variable string. Distinguishing between static url and dynamic url is the url dynamic always ends with a query parameter.
When you have made ??a query parameter, then was put on the file that will be made dynamic by adding ?, behind the file name. Step in creating a dynamic url has been successful, I hope this explanation is easy for you to understand. If the variable request name is user, then you just change variableofquery above with the username. Upload this file in localhost server or website hosting, and open it in the browser by making variance request. Conclusion, dynamic website page and dynamic url is quite easy and practical to use for building a website. Oh Oh, looks like you are still using IE6, did you know IE6 is the most untrusted web browsers? It is very important that, if you work localy, you need to install WAMP server on your computer in order to run php files.
I also added the stickyfooter css hack to stick the footer at the bottom even if there is not much content in the page.
2) template system so that we only have to edit 2 files if we would like to make changes to our theme. I hope you have learned from this tutorial how to create a simple file structure so that you would only have to edit 2 files when editing your style. I want to design a comment box like this to append to a page on the site am developing how can i do this?
10 Ways To Create Dynamic Storytelling via Website Design, Dynamic storytelling has continued to grow in popularity this year and we anticipate the trend to flourish in 2016. Ryan Perry founded SBS in 2009 to help small business owners increase sales using video via  Google search.
This tutorial is aimed at beginners who are looking to understand the basics of creating dynamic pages in PHP that talk to a MySQL database using Dreamweaver MX or Later.
Now that we have installed MAMP, the next step is to create the database that will be displaying our dynamic records of data on our website.
After your new user has been created, you’ll see the web page refresh and show you the result in SQL code. After creating a record, it will once again show you the SQL command confirmation screen, that looks something like above. For this tutorial, I have added two more records for a total of 3 records in my tblCustomer (See pic to right for sample).
After this cache menu finishes loading, you will see the files panel in a full screen window, listing your site folder and other website files.
Next, click on this button, which is found in the upper right hand corner of the panel, to collapse it.
We just finished defining the website and are ready to work “hands-on” with our database! When it loads the PHP page and shows you a blank document window, add some header text for presentation.

Now that we have a test page ready, and a website that can talk to our MySQL database, we’re ready to get things rolling.
The most common errors are that there is something wrong with a connection string, or that a MM_Connection or MM_String wasn’t found. If things are working correctly, you should be able to see the first 4 fields of the first database record show up on the page, instead of the turquoise placeholder text.
After you have added the horizontal line-very carefully, select the dynamic fields and the horizontal line at the same time by dragging over them with your mouse (do NOT select the heading text, as we do NOT want to repeat it!). After selecting the data you’ll want to repeat, go back to the applications panel and click on the server behaviors tab. The advantage of creating a php website is that we can create a php page becomes dynamic, in which the content and appearance of the website page can be changed automatically without the need to make changes to the html code of the page. There are 2 ways, the first is by using the request function or using the database website hosting.
In the query parameters, you simply specify the name of the variable permintaan and when there are more than one variable and then add & as a connector between the variables in the dynamic url. That we need to create a dynamic web page is a php page because the command format in creating dynamic website page would be run through php script. This is done automatically without the need to spend much of our time to edit the html code of the file. We will be building a template system, membership system, and a lot more… each tutorial will handle a different topic. This is a must if you want to keep everything organised, it is very important to have a good structure in your css to find your way through all the styles. You have to always add comments when closing your div’s or any other element and organise and structure your css style. If you have any question or suggestion for the comming tutorials from the series you are always welcome to leave a comment or post a new topic in our forums. Regardless of your business, you’ll want to watch this episode of Internet Marketing Thursday as Virginie Dorn, CEO of Business Website Center and I talk about 10 ways to incorporate dynamic storytelling into your website.
I have also decided to post the tutorial using Mac OSX, but will be prepared to answer any questions on the Windows platform setups as well.
We’ll install MAMP and set up the website database before we use Dreamweaver to connect to it.
As soon as you create a new MySQL database, you will be able to see the name of it followed by a number in parentheses of how many tables are in the particular database.
After creating the table, you may see a confirmation screen that looks something like this.Congratulations!
We will focus on the set a the top, so fill in some dummy information into all of the fields except for the custID field. If you would like to insert additional records for this exercise, you may have as many as you wish, just repeat the same steps on inserting to do so.
Now that we’ve added a few customers to the database, we’re ready to get started in Dreamweaver in building the actual site! No matter if you’re using the Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver 8 or Windows version, the elements should be the same with the panels and options. You are basically telling Dreamweaver which folder on your computer to save the files that you work on for this website.

If you are totally new to database webs, there are a couple of things that are standard procedure and creating a connection to the database is one of them. There are a few tabs that are part of the application panel, we will be starting on the databases tab to create a connection. Be careful, though–if any part of your testing or server environment was NOT set up correctly, you will get an error message at this step.
We want to repeat the selected region on the page for the remainder of the recordset (or as long as there are still records in the database table). Go back and click on the “live data” view button to show not only the first records, but all the records that are showing up in the tblCustomer(Assuming you added more than one record in the previous steps)! A website has been online will never be complete if not accompanied by a hit counter that can be utilized to analyze the development of blog trafic. This php script is very simple and easy, certainly you can practice it on the website without any constraint. Only by creating a special page that can call a query of the database server or through a request function, the page is able to display the data corresponding to the query. For this tutorial, we will discuss the easiest way is to create a dynamic website page with the request function.
As explained in the second paragraph, in creating dynamic web page will be assisted with the request function. If you have chosen for another editor you can skip the following steps to define a site within dreamweaver. I have chosen to use MAMP (For the newer users this stands for Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP). I will be using screenshots from Dreamweaver CS3, but the application interface hasn’t changed that much since MX. Basically, it lets your preview what your web page looks like at application run-time (i.e. If you want to see the dynamic page in action, try opening up the phpAdmin interface as you did earlier and add a few new records to the tblCustomer.
Here, we will discuss how to create a page view counter code with the help of php scripts so that you can know how many readers of every page in your website. Praesent tincidunt, sem tempus feugiat feugiat, turpis tellus scelerisque erat, sit amet feugiat neque arcu ac lectus. To go to the next step, click on tblCustomer hyperlink on the left, to see your table’s structure. If you want to list all the records in the database table customers, you’ve got to create a repeat region server behavior for the fields, as I will show you. On January 22, 2009 Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States. The setup is relatively easy–if you are a Mac user, we will be building the website from a folder created by the MAMP installation called htdocs. If you can’t find the panel, you will be able to select it from the window menu in the menu toolbar.

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