Cosmologists have created for the first time a huge map of the distribution of dark matter in the Universe.
This research was conducted by DES (Dark Energy Survey), an international group consisting of more than 300 scientists from 6 countries. In order to create the map scientists used a 570-megapixel camera which was mounted at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in the Chilean Andes, on the Victor Blanco telescope. Astrophysics Sarah Bridle of the University of Manchester explaine that their goal was to make the invisible visible and be able to determine which parts of the sky have more dark matter and which has none.
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Thy managed to track the invisible matter by observing the gravitational effects it has on light. The team of researchers intends to verify how many galaxy clusters can be detected by the Dark Energy Camera.
When you visit our blog, you’ll meet artists, discover uncommon facts, immerse yourself in creative design, and get to know the people who keep UncommonGoods going strong. The map contains voids and clumps of dark matter from 2 million galaxies and it presents characteristics hundreds of millions of light years across.
In addition they plan to examine sound waves in order to see how the universe is expanding.
Large concentrations of this matter can bend the light from background galaxies distorting our images of them.

The Big Band left left an imprint in the galaxy distribution when sound waves were created hundred of thousands of years ago.
According to scientists dark matter must exist because otherwise the Universe could not be explained. If scientists manage to measure the position of galaxies they will be able to determine the patter of that imprint and use it to make assumptions about how the Universe has been expanding.

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