Once you’ve purchased your hosting, you will receive some emails from HostGator instructing you on how to login to your control panel.
Once you are logged in, you will then be able to customize your wordpress website to your liking.
I'm an Entrepreneur and military veteran who passionately loves life and loves to EMPOWER others. IM Creator is a simple and effective online tool that has the great capability to build an fantastic website in just few minutes that too for free of cost. The website you create using IM Creator is already Google friendly you no need to hire any SEO expert or SEO specialist to get you’re SEO work done.
You just need to go to their website and choose the design whichever you like or if you want to start an website from blank, they also have the best tools to get you started creating website from the starting stage.
Next after choosing an amazing template or design for your website, now you can customize it with great content, unique text, attracting pictures and embed stunning videos on your website to make it more glamorous so that people can like your website . Once you’re done creating your website, then you can publish the website on the internet which you have created using IM Creator by linking it to an existing domain or by purchasing a new domain name for your website.

This is actually quite simple and if you follow along, you’ll have your website up within 15 minutes.
Once you’ve chosen a domain name, proceed to creating your account and purchasing it. If you’ve been following the video, you will notice that you need to click to Fantastico Icon. I coach people on how to build a business from their living room with nothing more than a computer and an all out passion to win!
IM-Creator is powered by Amazon and Google, creating robust and reliable strong base for your website. The website is already search engine optimized so that you can just start posting the content and move on.
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Then click wordpress on the sidebar, select your domain name, fill out your username and password, then click Install. They also give the ability to you to start a website from beginning or scratch with lots of tools and elements to make your website stand out of the crowd. Below you can find the information about how you can create you’re own website in just 3 simple steps.
These days its quiet natural for everyone to own a personal website and let their family, friends and relations know what they are doing and how they are connected with the online world.

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