This article was originally titled ‘Why Art students should have their own website’ and was written with creative individuals in mind.
This is a Google Analytics report example, showing visitors to the Student Art Guide in real time.
If you are serious about succeeding in a creative field, you need to make a website as soon as possible.
DISCLOSURE: The Student Art Guide provides content free of charge, so that all students and teachers can access our resources. I have tried many hosting providers, including those with delayed service and slow load times (this is important when choosing web hosting for artists, due to the large number of images on most artist websites). Once you have created your website using WordPress and Site5, you start the fun task of adding content, customising the appearance and watching the visitors arrive!
This website uses advertising to help us develop high quality teaching resources and provide these to our audience for free.
Our team of experienced teachers and high-achieving students publish new ideas, tips, techniques and case studies for you weekly. But so many artists are put off by the thought of having to pay huge sums of money to have a site designed, or worse, suffer through the tech-trauma of having to build it themselves! We’re going to go back to basics and look at building an artist website from the ground up, step by step with no jargon.
There are numerous ways of getting a website up on the internet, but I’m going to share with you the way I like to do it – the pain-free way! This guide is for any artist who feels they haven’t got the necessary technical skill to build a website from the ground up. Now, first things first, you’ll notice I said you can build your artist website for ‘very little money’. They don’t look professional – free sites give the impression that you can’t afford a bespoke website, or worse, you don’t care enough about your visual art to give it stylish online representation.
You will also be limited by the number of visitors the bandwidth can take, meaning that the site could be blocked after a surge in traffic. Many of the free providers make money with advertising – your art will take second-place to all sorts of banner-ads, meaning user-experience is severely compromised. Section 1 will take you through the step-by-step process of planning a website to truly showcase your artwork, ensuring you’re on target to create a professional and streamlined online portfolio. Section 3 is all about taking your site to the next stage and includes advise on promotion, blogging, basic search engine optimisation, and setting up a newsletter. is a place for textile artists and art enthusiasts to be inspired, learn from the best, promote their work and communicate with like-minded creatives. To view the content please help us by clicking on one of the social icons, thanks for everything. The question how to Create a Website with Way2webscape for Free has been asked 351 times by our users. With the HTML5 elements used to create a website, designers and developers will understand website structure in no time.
In 2010, I created a website to showcase my artwork and help high school Art students gain good grades. These can be helpful for promoting and showcasing your work, meeting others with similar interests, gaining feedback and (if you are lucky) selling artwork using their automated systems.
At that exact moment, 93 people were viewing the site, with 8 people reading the most popular photography article.

I have been with Site5 for over 5 years and I trust them with all of my websites, including this one, which gains over 4 million pageviews a year. Site5 have reliable, affordable hosting, with servers located all around the world. Amiria has been a teacher of Art & Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools. If you would like to support us or contribute in some way, you can find out the best way to help us or contact us here. It can help establish your reputation, build or widen your audience and promote the work you do.
It’s for any artist who wants to present themselves in a professional manner with a beautiful online environment in which to showcase their work. Of course it is actually possible to build a website of sorts for free with services like Cargo Collective or Posterous, or blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and Live Journal.
Hopefully I’ve convinced you that spending a tiny bit of money is a good investment if you want to have a professional web presence. One year later, this site was receiving over 1000 visits every day (this became the website that you are reading, the Student Art Guide). Being an active member upon social websites is a good idea (building a following on selected social platforms is usually an important part of your online strategy) but these sites should complement, not replace, your own website. There are also many free artist portfolio websites (these allow you to setup generic photography portfolio websites or graphic design portfolio websites, for example, directly targeting artists who are looking for a place to display their work online). When someone contemplates buying your artwork, you don’t want them to be distracted by other artists or by countless items showing up in a social feed. Google Analytics and Search Console are free tools built by Google that can be easily integrated with your own website.
If you start with a free blogging platform and then later come to the realisation that you need to create your own website (as most who are serious about marketing their work online eventually do), moving your content from a free website provider to your own site is difficult.
When you create a website on a free platform, your website is really a subsection of someone else’s site. In this article we link to Site5, a hosting provider that we recommend completely: our reputation and success depends upon this.
If you are a Graphic Design or Technology student, consider approaching your teacher to see if this can become your high school project brief. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching.
Nowadays it’s possible to create an artist website for very little money and with virtually no technical skill. It’s for any artist who can’t afford or doesn’t want to pay huge sums of money for a bespoke web design service with no real guarantee of the outcome. Before we move on, here is why I don’t recommend using these services to promote your work as an artist. If I have learned one thing from this experience, it is that the internet holds enormous value for creative individuals.
If you have an online presence – and your work can be found, shared, ‘pinned’ and ‘liked’ – you can achieve a level of recognition that could once only be dreamed of. They should be used as a marketing outpost to drive traffic to your own website, not as a substitute for it. A platform that offers free websites for artists may be a good option for those who wish to share their work with family and friends (or who want to create a personal artist website that is rarely seen) but they should never be used by someone who is serious about getting their website ranked highly in Google and found by thousands of people every day. Artist websites need to showcase artwork professionally and communicate style and individuality, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

For as little as twelve dollars a year, you can create the illusion that you are a professional worth investing in. This can be done with ease when you create your own website (this reason alone is why I would never use one of the free website builders above). You want buyers to be channelled towards your fantastic creations, without others competing for attention.
The age of the website is a one of these – a signal that your website is a genuine, authority site. Purchasing hosting via these links allows us to continue to deliver quality resources to you, for free. Site5 currently offer free domain registration (meaning that the domain name is free for the first year) when you purchase hosting with them (please scroll to the bottom of the latest Site5 specials and coupons page to see if this offer is still available).
You may also be interested in submitting an Art project or reading our Terms and Conditions. I have built several sites (including myself and, although I have picked up a bit of knowledge about HTML and CSS along the way, I started out with absolutely no skills in these areas and it didn’t hinder me at all. Making a website is the most effective way to market your work, build a brand and sell artwork, products or services. A single image can receive thousands of views in a very short time-frame; be seen by vast numbers of prospective clients, admirers and fans.
This cannot be achieved with a standard page on a free site, using a template that looks like a million others.
You can sell work from your site, add advertising, recommend affiliate products, embed your own print-on-demand items or simply concentrate on building your brand, popularity and fame.
In addition, if you decide to switch from a free platform to your own website later, the authority you build with Google, now, is lost. There are thousands of free themes available – and premium themes that can be purchased for a fee. What’s more, creating a website is something that even a high school student (someone with little funds and no prior technical knowledge) can do with ease. If you are an artist, photographer, writer (or any other type of creative, entrepreneurial person) you need to harvest the power of the internet and create your own website as soon as you are able.
Get your own website, so that you can select a great website design theme and customise this however you like.
If you have the potential to create a beautiful, stunning website, it is too risky for this to be at the mercy of another company.
One year later, I had over 1000 visits to my site every day: the equivalent of 365,000 visits a year.
If you work hard, you could be earning money from your site by the time you get to college. Furthermore, the skills you learn while creating a website (it is fun, by the way) can help your employment prospects immensely when you graduate.

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