You’ve all seen matrix diagrams – and these make it possible for you to explain related and dependent concepts.
Color is a fascinating subject – a subject that evokes enough creativity and pickles the minds of many. We explored the HSL color model broadly previously -- now we will look at Luminosity, one of its three properties. The first question you should ask when your boss requests the full spreadsheet on the slide is why they want to see the full spreadsheet.
There are two reasons I often hear from workshop participants as to why the boss asks for the whole spreadsheet on the slide. By putting the whole spreadsheet on the slide, you actually invite the audience to derail your presentation. When I sit down with senior executives, it becomes clear that the reason they want the whole spreadsheet on the slide is because they aren't getting what they really need in most presentations. By understanding why leaders ask for spreadsheets on slides, you can address their concerns and replace spreadsheets with focused visuals that clearly communicate the key messages.
We learned about the RGB Color model in a previous tutorial -- and while computers can easily understand the fact that you mix red and green to end up with yellow, that's some strange logic to us humans which we shall never comprehend! Learn about Hue, Saturation and Luminosity, and how you can use these properties to mix colors.
When you use any of the shapes available in PowerPoint, you are not limited to what their default appearance looks like. Learn how to change the appearance of a shape in PowerPoint 2003 using the Edit Points option.
Yury Uskov is the founder and CEO of iSpring Solutions Inc., an international software company focused on providing professional e-Learning authoring tools based in PowerPoint. With this new upgrade, iSpring Pro is the easiest and most powerful PowerPoint-based tool for creating video presentations and rich-media mashups. Imagine that you are listening to a presenter droning on and on, using the same tone of voice and the same pace. A good and experienced Tango leader does various different steps and different sequences in the first minute or two. A successful presenter doesn't start by reading an agenda or go on and on about a topic that is not of the most interest to the audience. Claudyne Wilder coaches executives, managers, and salespeople on how to deliver presentations that get to the message.
If someone wants a visual to express a bright idea, chances are they will use a picture of a light bulb! PowerPoint 2013 users will enjoy learning how you can insert pictures straight from your online OneDrive and Facebook accounts.
While collaborating on a presentation with someone else, there will be times when you want to give and receive feedback without actually editing the slides themselves.
Learn how to use commenting and collaborating between PowerPoint Online and PowerPoint 2010. To ungroup all of the groups in your outline, open the drop-down menu under the Ungroup command, then choose Clear Outline. Hide the first-page header and footer: For some documents, you may not want the first page to show the header and footer, like if you have a cover page and want to start the page numbering on the second page.
Remove the header: If you want to remove all information contained in the header, click the Header command and select Remove Header from the menu that appears. Remove the footer: If you want to remove all information contained in the footer, click the Footer command and select Remove Footer from the menu that appears.
Additional options: With the Page Number command and the commands available in the Insert group, you can add page numbers, the date and time, pictures, and more to your header or footer.
On the other hand, you may want to show the date when it was printed, which you can do by setting it to update automatically.
Check the box next to Update Automatically if you want the date to change every time you open the document.
However, we decided to look at the matrix diagram from another perspective and found something similar in a fortune teller origami! If we were to pause looking at color as a creative subject for just a brief amount of time, we would be able to explore it from a different perspective – the perspective of science! I see this in the work I do reviewing slides from participants before my customized corporate workshops.

They are clearly looking for something, and it will save you a lot of time if you knew what they were looking for. The first common reason is that the boss says that the presentation is being used as part of the project documentation, so all the details need to be there. As I explain in my latest book, Select Effective Visuals, leaders need actionable insights on what needs to be done next. Your answer may be "many times", and so we get you some thoughts on alternatives to overcoming this visual cliche. The Points you see and edit give you control over how you want a shape to look appearance-wise.
You may want to change a rectangle to a rhombus, or even edit a curved or freeform line differently. Now that this option has been included with iSpring Pro, users have an entire arsenal of publishing options available for any level of presentation interactivity on any device. The conversion and upload process is performed in a single step, making it a truly hands-off procedure. That’s why thousands of customers worldwide choose iSpring, thanks to the unique combination of reliability, quality, and all these new features. Before long you start thinking about the vacation you want to take and the plans you would like to make for the weekend. I see that I am losing them." I tell them that they must change the pace to catch the audience off guard - just a bit. The presenter starts with key ideas and messages that the audience is interested in hearing.
They also prompt you to save your files if you close PowerPoint without saving your changes. And probably there are thousands of people who decide to use that picture of a light bulb for the same reason – and that's made it a visual cliche! In this tutorial, we will show you how segments (the line area between one point and another) work.
This is also our first set that has the SlideProof add-in integrated, so that you can drag buckets of all types from your PowerPoint Task Pane onto your slide! We also have a bunch of tutorials on PowerPoint Online, the version that you can use in your web browser! If you want to hide the first page header and footer, check the box next to Different First Page.
This is useful if you frequently update and print a document because you'll always be able to tell which version is the most recent.
This color science will open new avenues for us to understand why colors behave in certain ways. If they really only need to see the bottom line, just show them a clean visual or small table with the key figures. The second reason is that the boss wants all the details to be there in case someone asks a question. A hidden slide is a slide that is in your PowerPoint file, but does not appear in Slide Show mode. Insights that consider the context of the results, the relationships between the data and other factors. He consults on high-stakes presentations including one used to brief one of President Obama’s cabinet ministers.
So how can we stay within the RGB color model, which computers understand -- and mix colors more creatively to use a method which we humans can understand? PowerPoint 2007 for Windows users can meanwhile look at altering between Curved and Straight line segments.
Even then, sometimes you might find it difficult to edit a certain segment (a part of the line between two points) in a shape because there are no points available to manipulate -- or maybe there are far too many points! The good news is that you can do this by using the Edit Points option -- this almost makes PowerPoint a drawing program that provides you the option to play with vertexes (points), handles, etc.
Whether publishing to an .mp4 video or directly to YouTube, all your work will look the same as you created it in PowerPoint. This is how the presenter tells the audience that they will enjoy paying attention because the content is of interest to them.
Her company has an ongoing contract to give her Get to the Message: Present with a Purpose workshop at a Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company.

Can you imagine that a search for the term “bright idea” on Google Images got us almost nothing but light bulbs? While the buckets themselves represent a source or destination, the water represents the financial liquidity. We earlier learned how to Add, Edit, or Delete Comments within the PowerPoint 2010 (desktop application).
In my workshops I prepare makeovers of slides and show the participants how the key message of the spreadsheet could be communicated as a visual instead. This is almost never the case unfortunately, so why else might they want to see so many numbers. They aren't hearing your explanation and context, so they may not interpret the numbers correctly. Make the spreadsheet slide a hidden slide and create a visual that communicates the key point contained in all those numbers.
They are almost always only getting measurement results that answer what happened or performance results that answer how the results compare to a previous period or goal. Dave is one of only fourteen people in North America to be recognized by Microsoft with the PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions to the PowerPoint presentation community.
This need for a more creative model gave birth to the HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity) color model.
PowerPoint provides a simple solution for this problem -- you can add and delete points in a shape.
If you have a specific device in mind, you can even select the resolution which best suits that device.
Claudyne brings a unique and invigorating perspective to her work from her years of studying the Argentine Tango.Do visit Claudyne's site at Wilder Presentations to sign up for her blog, her tweets or to download some free presenting tools.
OK – now one has to wonder -- does a bright idea concept even visualize as something other than a light bulb? You can edit these segments and also convert a straight segment to a curved segment and vice versa in PowerPoint 2007, as explained in this tutorial. Buckets show items in a distribution, they represent the flow of things, or show collections of items. In this tutorial we'll explain how to use commenting and at the same time collaborate between PowerPoint Online and PowerPoint 2010. If we change the Luminosity values to 0 (zero) for a given colors, it does not matter what Hue or Saturation values they have – they will all be black! It is not uncommon that the participant who prepared the slide says that the visual is clearer, but they have to put the whole spreadsheet on the slide because the boss requires it.
Since the spreadsheet is in the same file, the file still contains the detail if that is needed for documentation or contract purposes. That's because most of the time, PowerPoint on the iPad will continuously auto-save your file as you make changes.
If the boss wants to be able to access the details in case a question gets asked, add a hyperlink to the visual slide that jumps to the hidden spreadsheet slide. Well, the quality of color that makes all this shouting and mellowing happen is called Saturation, and believe it or not – it has everything to do with the color grey. In a very dark room, if you switch off the light you will be left with pitch darkness, and any object of any color will appear black. And now you are getting into discussions that take your presentation away from the key points you wanted to make.
Consider all of the different perspectives and then come up with a few actions that should be taken to move forward. My body stops paying attention as my mind says, "OK, now you'll do this step that followed that one for the last three minutes." This means that when the leader does something different, my body does not follow.
That is what the boss wants you to do instead of having to do that work themselves by looking at the whole spreadsheet.
You may not be aware, but the first file is saved on its own when you open the second file!

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