We are offering a FREE Blank MAC Face Chart here.  This is a high quality face chart that is setup in landscape for easy printing. We take a look at the various shopping features in AppMakr and what each function allows you to do and how you can integrate it into your app. AppMakr allows you to create shopping apps that incorporate all the important features you’ll need whether you’re a start up, or an established business, looking to utilize the mobile platform to create more efficient ways for your customers to shop and engage with your brand.
The Catalog is a list of items including products, locations and events that users can browse through when shopping.
Classified are where users can post and respond to classified ads in your own private forum. Other features can be integrated into your shopping app to improve and expand its functionality. The NyteWicks app includes a custom order feature where customers can easily place a custom order with the company.
With all these features you can customize them according to your brand, you can choose the icon, set the title and choose a background image for the function.
AppMakr 24 hours ago Kissmetrics says that 33% of customers prefer to use a mobile #app for #retail.

Sketchpad  is a cool platform that you can use to make awesome drawings using text and a wide range of colours and patterns. Along with the common functions such as websites and social media, the in-app functions also include specialty shopping features, such as Catalog, eBay, Donate, Deals and Classifieds. This can be useful to those of you who already have an eBay business and would like to increase mobile use while engaging with customers and creating a link between your product on eBay and your brand’s online and social media feeds. NyteWicks, who sell hand crafted soy candles, incorporate coupons into their app, giving users a $5.00 off their shopping basket. Classified are useful to create custom, one-off sales as well as connecting buyers and sellers. NyteWicks is a good example of a business that has used AppMakr to create a shopping app that includes various features that add value to the app and to what the business can do for customers.
There is also a feature where customers can give new scent ideas, providing feedback and engaging with the business.
The features provide an expansive platform where customers can not only shop but really engage with your business and brand, through social media, maps, contact details, forums, new feeds, live chats, event details and special deals. Never far from her phone, her favorite apps are RunKeeper, the exercise buddy that keeps her training, and PicLab, for playing with photography and typography and creating cool images.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Shop with Jen’s Catalog show the packages on offer, with a description of the product and a image alongside it, users are able to select a product of interest and navigate down to more further details on the item, including relevant information and prices. It is also useful for start-ups who may not yet have a website but need a platform that connects eBay with other important brand avenues. The icon for the feature is designed to fit seamlessly in with the overall appearance of the app, reflecting the branding of NyteWicks. Contact opportunities have also been clearly defined through the app so that wholesalers have a place to get in contact as well as regular shoppers looking to find where they can buy the products. AJ’s loft includes a link that takes customers straight to the eBay site, connecting app users directly to the e-commerce platform. Forums and classified give customers the chance to interact with each other, and help create a network of followers, improving customer engagement and brand interaction.

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