Superimpose v4.0 ????? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ?? iOS ??? ?? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ????. Truck Driver crazy road v1.12b + Data ?? ???? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ???????? ???? ???? Games89 ?? ?? ????? ? ????? ???? ???. Bottom Line: Superimpose’s expanded toolset make it more versatile than other apps in its class. Superimpose can be used as simply as loading your background and foreground images and choosing your blend mode. While the foreground image is always imported at around 50% size, the Transform tab’s autoexpand tool quickly and easily expands the foreground image to fill. Despite it’s flaws, Superimpose’s expanded toolset still makes it more versatile than other apps in its class. I would love to win a copy, please, I think this is the blending tool I’ve been patiently waiting for! One of the ways I integrate iPads into the art room is by extending learning experiences digitally.
First of all I should say that I chose to animate vintage images not only because of the juxtapositioning created between old school illustrations and technology, but simply because it's originally a drawn image.
I used the Superimpose app to isolate the figure by erasing the background and saving "mask as png".
Now that I'm totally into creating 6 second videos for Vine (thanks again for this LOVELY write up about my vines from Ben Rimes) I began thinking about the soundtrack for this movie. After I created the "Staying alive" animation (which you can view here) I layered it into the hands of this girl painted by Norman Rockwell using the Green Screen app by DoInk. You may have missed it a€” it’s in the Utilities category, not the App Store’s Photography category.
In addition to just about every blend mode that’s in Adobe Photoshop (the desktop program), Superimpose also has masking tools to further customize the blend.
The brush tool has an adjustable brush size and finger gestures zoom the image in Mask mode for more precise editing. If you were commenter 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 18, 27, 29, 31, or 48, you’ve just won a free copy of Superimpose. I’m new to these photography apps and so far I have been trying our those that have been reviewed in this site.

Featuring iPhone photo news, showcases, app reviews, and the occasional musings of iPhoneographer Marty Yawnick. Students import their heart drawing into Word Foto app and fill it with emoji faces and or hearts. Combine the LOVE template and the emoji filled heart picture in the Superimpose app using the square size constraints, masking, and blend mode. Students worked on an observational drawing from a booklet of choices to create a black and white sketch of a person on paper. It not only made me laugh, it made me think as I tried to figure out what the artist did to animate this vintage image. The animation approach I used required me to redraw and match the style of the image as I move elements around. They are examples of the hybrid style where they are animated both with procreate and doInk.
I created the sewing table with objects and still images of the original vintage sewing patterns using superimpose app. The Magic Wand tool has an adjustable threshold similar to Photoshop’s and has three levels of mask edges. The app has a low-res preview zoom in mask mode, making it extremely difficult to make really precise masks. They listened to a very entertaining biography of the life and work of Andy Warhol (an artist famous for his POP ART) as they sketched. But, to make it more interesting I decided it would hit the circular logo on its way down, roll a bit, and be caught in the hand (that doesn't exist in the drawing) of the man. The rest of the animation was made from still images created in Procreate sequenced together into a movie. The green screen app just added cropping, resizing, and masking tools so I was able to fit the animation to the right size, erase for the fingers to overlap, and crop any excess. The images were isolated in Superimpose app, the background was cleaned up in Procreate, and the animation was composed in DoInk Animation app. It really limits the level of precision when masking and limits the excellent Mask Tools the app has.
Superimpose has an impressive toolset for creating blends, overlays, and double exposure-style images.

The next class period we used his inspiration to turn our sketches in digital art pop art designs.
In DoInk animation app I opened a new composition and brought in all the pieces over the cleaned up background. This meant that I needed to isolate the apple (using Superimpose app) and save it as a mask png so it has a transparent background. Then I imported the image into the Green Screen App by DoInk and matched the animation videos over each of the sewing patterns with resizing & cropping. Then I had the car drive (with DoInk) in front of three vignettes designed in Superimpose app. The thing I found the most challenging about this animation was figuring out the sequence of movements. The movement looks very fluid compared to the jerky animations from a series of still images. The app only has three layers so I exported after layering two animations into the scene then imported it again and layered the third. If you’re one of the winners, be sure I can email or DM you somehow or the code goes to someone else. There are many obstacles with the angle of the camera, shadows, and cropping that need to be overcome. So I used the select tool, grabbed from the knee around the foot and rotated it over the other leg on man "c" and "b" to match man "a".
I call this a hybrid animation because I use drawing techniques like in the vogue design and keyframing like in the dishwasher ad. Funny, we were using CamWow for the posterized effect with a watermark we worked on avoiding too. Superimpose app is a MUST for every art room so I don't see it as a cost for just this lesson since you can use it for probably 100 different lessons.
Crazy Photo Booth App Not only were students able to learn to photograph their artwork during this lesson extension, they were able to understand in a more dynamic way what contrast means.We used the contrast and brightness adjustments in the superimpose app to magically make the pencil lines and greys of the paper disappear leaving a beautiful clean black and white image.

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