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While you wait for the upcoming DreamWorks movie How to Train Your Dragon 2, come have fun with this cool coloring page of the characters Hiccup and Night Fury! Heather is a female character first introduced in the How to Train Your Dragon television series, Dragons: Riders of Berk. Heather returns in Dragons: Race to the Edge with a dragon of her own, a Razorwhip named Windshear, as well as more on her past is revealed. Heather has green eyes and long black hair that frames her face with her bangs parted on the right side and a braid placed over her left shoulder, with some short hair on her right side. In Riders of Berk, Heather wears a gray tunic that goes half way down her forearms with a leather vest over it, a hollow horn around her waist and an off-white skirt underneath. In School of Dragons, Heather wears a long white, sleeveless tunic, similar to a lab coat, with round, metal shoulder pads. Heather also possesses a satchel similar to the ones the other riders use, except it is black in color and has no crest on it. She seems to take pride in her abilities with deception, maybe even to the point of hubris. After losing her adoptive family, she had an even harder time letting people in, usually trying to do things on her own. She is also somewhat spiteful and prone to holding grudges against people, like her brother. While at first Heather was quite nervous around dragons, her time on Berk, and after meeting Windshear, she has developed a love for them. Heather then sneaks off to Stormfly's pen and tries to gain her trust by feeding her chicken.
Later, when Stoick and Hiccup are clearing the table, Heather goes for the book under Hiccup's bed. The next morning, Heather not only makes off with the Book of Dragons, but Stormfly as well.
When Astrid poses as her to retrieve the Book of Dragons with Hiccup and the others as backup, Heather gets a plan.
In Have Dragon Will Travel Part I, one of her raids was spotted by Bucket and Mulch, thus drawing attention of Berk's Dragon Riders and was tracked back to her camp.
When they asked how she trained a Razorwhip, Heather explained it was because of training the Riders showed her.
Later that evening, Hiccup asks why Heather was attacking ships, but she just tells him not to worry, though Hiccup is. On the way back, Hiccup explains that he knows Dagur wiped out her village and tries to tell her she doesn't have to do everything alone, though Heather tells him she feels destined to be alone. After arriving back at Dragon's Edge, Heather apologized for locking up the dragons, thinking the Riders wouldn't let her go if they knew what she was up to.
When they arrive, the twins, Snotlout, and Fishlegs distract Dagur's crew, while Astrid, Heather and their dragons sneak aboard.
When the rest of Dagur's fleet shows up, Hiccup tells Heather they need to go, but she is still in shock. When Hiccup and Snotlout gave the other a chance to escape, Heather took on Astrid, instead of letting two dragon hunters.
Astrid explained, back on Dragon's Edge, that Heather only got close to Dagur so she could avenge her family.
Heather joined in the attack seize Dragon's Edge while trying to give Ruffnut a chance to escape. When Heather, Dagur, and Ryker met Viggo in his tent, the leader began to talk about a game called Maces and Talons, using it as an example about trust and trickery. After a conversation with Ryker, Dagur leads Heather, along with two guards into a cave, then knocks the hunters out. In the Call of the Death Song expansion pack, she also wears her rogue dragon rider clothing, with the only difference being her hair is visible. At the end of the last quest in the second expansion pack, Heather is seen in her dragon rider attire, without her hood and mask. Heather joins in on the fight against the Dragon Hunters, with the Dragon Riders now aware of her identity. When Harald Forkbeard proves to be a traitor, Heather, who has encountered him in the past, creates wanted posters of him to put around the school, Berk, and Dragon's Edge so he can't fool people again. Acting: Heather is a very good actress, as she was able to fool the Dragon Riders for a few days, except Astrid, who saw her sneaking around[3]. Dragon Training and Riding: Even with very little time spent on Berk, Heather picked up on dragon training pretty quickly, as all the dragons have taken a liking to her. Alchemy: As the Alchemist in School of Dragons, Heather has extensive knowledge with experimenting. Intelligence and Builder: She is shown to be pretty clever to come up with a great lie to fool everyone. Dagur is Heather's older brother but while Dagur respects her, Heather hates him and wanted to kill him to avenge her adoptive parents (who Dagur killed), unaware of their relations. While Heather demonstrated a single-minded focus to kill Dagur, Hiccup managed to convince her otherwise as Windshear was also put at risk, showing how much she cares for her dragon. Heather cares very deeply about her parents and would do whatever it took to save them from Alvin.
Even after all the Heather and Dagur had been through while she was with the Dragon Hunters, she still hadn't quite forgiven him about destroying her island.
Heather insisted Astrid not to tell Hiccup about her being a spy, as he cares too much about others and would try to pull her out if he knew the truth. Heather and Fishlegs have expressed romantic interest in one another on several occasions on Race to the Edge.
In Snow Way Out, Fishlegs was relieved to find out he was right about Heather being good at heart. Heather was a little more flirtatious with Snotlout than the others, most likely because he flirted with her. In Have Dragon Will Travel Part II, Ruff was very impressed by Windshear, complimenting Heather at an uncomfortably close range. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Her tunic is the same color, wears a black, short sleeved hooded shirt, and a brown mask to hide her identity. At her core, she is a kind person, willing to risk her life to save the ones she cares about. She gloated to Astrid about how she was able to win the favor of her male friends and her own dragon, Stormfly. Heather is shown to taking an interesting in learning about dragons, such as tracking the Flightmare.

Heather helped Hiccup figure out a way to increase Toothless' speed by using a shorter connecting rod, which would push the rider back in the saddle more, making them more streamlined.
Afterwards, she looked around Hiccup's room for the Book of Dragons to find information on Deadly Nadders. Astrid catches her again, but this time Heather doesn't use her "innocent routine," saying Astrid was too smart for it in a cocky manner.
While she tries to fly her, Heather is unskilled at dragon riding, moving in a sloppy manner. After telling them how she and Windshear met, they soon noticed a more intense side to Heather. She tells him that a lot has happened in the last few years, how everything had changed for her. The two quickly capture Dagur, and when Heather tells Windshear to finish him off, Astrid protests, but Heather has changed her mind, as Dagur didn't capture her village. Thinking she was captured as well, Astrid tried to tell her to run, but surprised when Dagur showed up. She then encountered Astrid, and while they, and their dragons, stood off, the two soon hugged, revealing Heather was not actually working with the Dragon Hunters, but spying on them. Heather purposely revealed their location to the Riders, and saved Hiccup from being shot at by a hunter by knocking him out. When she found about about the Dragon Hunters, she continued the charade to find a way to taken them down as well. During first part, she pretended to see and get caught in an ambush, sending one of the search parties running.
During the raid, she has Windshear fire at Snotlout and the twins to make the fight believable.
She gave them a map that she used to track the Mystery Class dragon, also telling them it was going to be just her, Windshear, and Viggo.
In the aftermath, while she is happy they won, she is concerned about what might have happened if she hadn't shown up when she did.
She is able to take on Astrid[3], as well as able to scale the walls in Berk's prison, and stay at the top for some time.
It is unknown if she has this skill in the series; however, she also appears to be well-versed in medicine, as she was able to treat Windshear's wounds. However, the more time they spent together, Heather did begin to form a relationship with her brother. She also takes into account Windshear when Heather picked out her campsite, choosing an island with a large amount of sea slugs, Windshear's favorite. In Have Dragon Will Travel Part II, it is revealed that they are not her biological parents, but she still loved them. They spent a lot of time bonding and worked together as a team when they raided Dagur's ship.
Night of the Hunters Part II, confided in her about her plan to infiltrate the Dragon Hunters, while Astrid in return promised to keep Heather's involvement a secret. When Hiccup question why she attacked the ship from earlier and told her the others were there for her, she changed the subject by thanking him for his concern. When one of the hunters was about to shoot Hiccup, Heather had Windshear knock over another with her tail, revealing the trap.
She later asked him about Gronckles, as well as a little more about them in the book and in combat.
Heather smiled warmly at him and shyly tucked her hair behind her ear when Fishlegs offered to help her in Have Dragon Will Travel Part II. When he suggested getting rid of his sister so they could share Barf and Belch, Heather preferred to focus on the dragon. In Edge of Disaster Part II, Heather helped Ruffnut and loaned Windshear to her so she could escape.
He gives her the information she needs to find pirates that have raided other tribes, and Dagur as well. When the Terrible Terror letter he sent to her returned, and saw her camp was abandoned, he feared the worst, but was relieved that Heather was alright. She wears a light brown, long sleeve shirt underneath, brown bracers, green pants, and brown fur boots. However, she herself has a hard time putting trust in others and is deceptive by nature, prone to keeping secrets and lying to people that proved to be worthy of her trust. She has become determined to protect species, as such she wanted to take down the Dragon Hunters for good. She then tells them that pirates attacked her family's ship and were laying siege to her island.
Astrid caught Heather, but she managed to convince Hiccup that she was cleaning his room and found it. Heather then makes her way to the beach, unaware that Astrid, who was in the forest venting, was following her. After being thrown back in her cell, Heather reveals that the only reason she worked for Alvin was because he had her parents.
All she could really remember was her father's hands and the smell of his shield he let her play with.
He is able to tell Heather something, but she gags him, giving the signal to Windshear, only to be stopped by Toothless' blast.
He even tempted her by saying he knows she feels the Berserker blood flowing through her veins. Ryker then command Heather to use Windshear to trapped the dragon riders, which she hesitantly agreed to. According to Heather, the leader of the Dragon Hunters was not Ryker, but a man named Viggo Grimborn, whom everyone was afraid of. Heather had Windshear shoot a spine at Ruffnut's head, so she could get free and take Windshear to get backup. Surprisingly, Viggo spared the man, and sent the others off to get some rest, except Heather. Heather explains she didn't know they were siblings at the time, and that he also had wiped out her village. Eventually, the player learns her secret after finding the broken glass bombs the rider used outside the Lab.
After retrieving the book, the Snow Wraith's camouflage gives her an idea about hiding the catapults on Dragon's Edge.
While Dagur did offer her to join him, she refused, and she is still holding a grudge against him. When Viggo found out she was a spy and had Dagur lock her up, Heather tried to reason with Dagur, though he didn't listen at first. Heather also teased Astrid about her closeness with Hiccup, insinuating Hiccup and Astrid are more than friends. In Snow Way Out they met up again in secret so she could inform Astrid and the riders of Ryker's plan to capture a Snow Wraith. After saving her from being captured by Dagur, Heather revealed how she was separated from her birth family.
When Heather left Berk, Snotlout told her to write to him, but she just smiled and shook her head.

Tuffnut actually questioned why the Riders were friends with Heather after she nearly attacked them, locked up their dragons, and snuck away. Though later when she got her dragon back, Heather punched Ruffnut for head butting her earlier. Wallpaper images in the How to Train Your Dragon club tagged: how to train your dragon toothless dragon night fury.
She has three black belts, as well as one that holds her horn and a lens for the Dragon Eye. While not easy for her, she is willing to abuse the trust of her friends and hurt them (emotionally at least) to further whatever agenda she has, which often ended up putting the Riders in danger, though she didn't want them risking their lives for her in the first place. Trying to make her feel better, Hiccup let her stay at his house until they got things sorted out. While the two tested it out, Hiccup ended up missing his meet up with Astrid to check their dragons' timing. Astrid then tells Hiccup about seeing Heather sneaking around last night, but once again she tells him that she went for a walk because she was having nightmares. She explains she only did it because she had made a lot of enemies and she didn't want the Riders to get involved. He tells them that Dagur is about to make a deal for some new ships with anti-dragon catapults and grappling hooks in the Sea of Despair. Hiccup arrives, trying to tell Heather not to do this, but she isn't shaken, until he tells her his father's seal is caved into Heather horn, which he found earlier.
The next episode, Astrid was furious at Heather for betraying the Riders after all they had done for her.
It was also Heather who gave the information to Astrid about them coming to Glacier Island and not Trader Johann like she claimed. After the hunters captured the Snow Wraiths, the Riders manages to take them back to relocate, while Hiccup went after Heather and Ryker. However, when Heather and Viggo arrived to the island, she discovered Viggo already knew she was the traitor, and sent his fleet to the island.
Heather reveals she kept the secret from the others to protect them from Dagur, as he attacked her village and family. She also helped in figuring out that iron is the best choice of metal for the Armorwing, due to its magnetic skin. She is capable of taking on at least three dragon hunters at once.[7] Heather's weapon is a double axe that is able to fold at the end. Heather seems a bit inventive, as she was able to help Hiccup increase Toothless' speed with a shorter connecting rod. This and the loss of her family have also made Heather a bit unstable, though not dangerously so. Hiccup naively believed Heather over Astrid when she tried to warn him that the newcomer was not who she seemed.
After meeting up again, Snotlout continued to flirt with Heather, only this time she had no problem pushing him aside.
Heather has metallic-like shoulder guards, bracers, knee pads, and skirt, all from the scales from Windshear. She could also go as far as to put innocent people she didn't know in danger, seen when she tried to deliver the Book of Dragons to the Outcasts (who would have undoubtedly tried to use trained dragons to destroy Berk), even though she did it to save her adoptive parents. When they got to the Academy, Heather began to realize Astrid's animosity when she asked her if she slept well and was given a glare. She explains that the Riders have a book with everything they know about dragons, though she doesn't have it. Heather says she did it because she needed the Riders to trust her, but Astrid, unmoved, tells that they no longer trusted her. Astrid manages to retrieve the book and rescue Heather's parents, after learning she was telling the truth. When Heather finally gets to Outcast Island, she helps the teens fight back.
However, Dagur was not traveling alone, and used the chains from the Reaper to capture her and Windshear.
Astrid then pokes about her and Snotlout, though Heather says she likes a little smarts, like Fishlegs. He explains that years ago, Stoick gave it to Oswald the Agreeable for his newborn daughter, telling her he was Heather's father, as well as Dagur's father.
Heather decided to join Dagur as he was the only family she had left, and said he would never hurt her.
Heather told Astrid about a cave where she believed the Snow Wraith was hibernating and planned to keep Ryker along the coast.
After their encounter with Johann, Heather gathered the other riders to accompany her in the attack against Dagur's fleet.
Hiccup finally believed Astrid when she told him that Heather stole Stormfly and the Book of Dragons, which he was just looking for.
Heather's hairstyle is about the same, with the exception of all her hair being pulled back and her braid being longer. She was then showed the Book of Dragons, and Astrid grabbed it when Heather asked to see it. After getting the Book of Dragons and headed back to Berk, Heather and Astrid have finally become friends, as she thanks her for saving her family.
Heather and Astrid head back to the dragon camp for reinforcements, but the Riders are unsure as Hiccup and Toothless, who have headed to Berk, are not there, even Astrid. When the Dragon Riders escaped, Heather confronted Astrid when she was trying to save Stormfly, which she appeared to be victorious. Though Astrid was uncomfortable about keeping this a secret from Hiccup, since she never lied to him. Heather asked Dagur what he knew about the Dragon Hunter leader, telling her he was very clever and that everyone was afraid of him, even his own brother. After she was captured, Heather admits the truth to Astrid, though she didn't believe her, and neither did the other riders.
She was initially hurt when Astrid expressed her hesitation and made Astrid feel guilty for it. After working things out with the Dragon Riders, Heather promised Hiccup and Astrid if she needed help she would ask.
Heather is hurt by this, thinking that all they had said about having her back was just talk.
When Dagur came up with the idea to throw the riders overboard, Heather insisted they use them for work and take them to Viggo, which Ryker agreed too.
But before she leaves, the others have decided to join her, as long as it was just a capture mission. While Dagur was mad at Heather for turning down his idea, she said she did it to protect him. Heather agrees, saying they'll sink Dagur's armada and throw him back in prison on Outcast Island.
The two finally make amends back on Berk as Heather thanks Astrid for risking her life to help Heather's parents.

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