Hummingbird tattoos in flight capture the classic image of the bird in a freeze frame shot in time. Feeding hummingbird tattoos are great colorful patterns and will be very fun for you to design. Tribal hummingbird tattoos are a great design if you are looking for a nontraditional look. Hummingbirds in small scale look great behind the ear or on the neck, hand, waist, ankle or feet. Now that you are ready to think about perfect hummingbird tattoos added to your body check with your tattoo artist for any suggestions they may have to aid in the design of your tattoo. Although small hummingbird tattoo designs are prefered by many people, hummingbirds can also be used in larger, more elaborate designs. The hummingbird flower tattoo is a classic example of using a hummingbird in a larger design. Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. Even though the hummingbird is only believed to of played a small part in the worlds mythology they still feature in many tattoos with meaning. Hummingbird tattoos are graceful, pleasant and can be easily customized as per the need of the wearer. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Swallow Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoos, Tribal Butterfly Tattoos and Butterfly Tattoos. The girl got this lovely humming bird to mark the completion of a task that was not done for a long time.
The small and pretty bird, flying on the hand depicts the beauty of freedom and a joyful life. This nape tattoo depicts the sweet and soft bird in an alluring manner which is pretty attractive.
This hummingbird tattoo is a sign of liveliness and motivates us to take timely and effective actions. Cute hummingbird carved on the back of the shoulder with stars that symbolizes hope and life. Hummingbird sucking nectar from flower stands for the desire of the wearer to live every moment of life fully. Colorful and full of grace, this tribal hummingbird near a flower looks different and enchanting. This is what the green and blue hummingbird wants to say which is a simile for freedom and joy. The girl has got a grey hummingbird tattoo on her upper back that acts as a talisman for her.
Sitting on a branch of flowers, this hummingbird tattoo denotes the beauty and fragrance of love. This person got a hummingbird tattoo on the foot in memory of his grandmother that is looking very elegant. Hummingbird along with flowers, star, cherries and a date line below marks the memory of a loved one who has taken a flight to heaven. Black and white hummingbird tattoo has been carved in the memory of a remarkable event that is exclusive just like the tattoo.
The hummingbird is a bubbly bird that is always beaming with enthusiasm and energy and represents the same as a tattoo. Hovering over the knee, this hummingbird tattoo represents focus and concentration and asks us to be action-oriented. Hummingbird reaching out to a flower symbolizes the desire of the girl to reach out to her deceased grandmother.
The smallest and lightest bird, resting on the chest, embodies the spirit of freedom and celebration.
The smallest bird stands for an indomitable spirit that is always seeking liberation from bondage.

This beautiful hummingbird asks us to savor every moment of life because it is small but still precious. The hummingbird is a symbol of love, live, hope and joy that together create a beautiful world for us. The smallest birds are worn by lovers as lucky charm for keeping alive the passion and intensity in their relation. Holding the clover leaf in its beaks, the hummingbird represents the fact that hard work brings luck. Hummingbird heading towards the flower is a symbol of an achiever who is always enthusiastic about his goals.
Having its frequent doses of food, the hummingbird denotes incessant and unwavering energy.
The humming bird has got sexual connotations and wearing it on body is believed to enhance potency. About to reach the flower, this hummingbird is a simile for focus and dedication that leads to success. Flying on the leg, this charming bird reminds the wearer of the sweet moments she spent with her brother who is no more in this world. Bright and eye-catching hummingbird tattoo carved on the back that looks awesome and no one can escape noticing it.
The girl chose the smallest bird as a tattoo design to get carved on her 18th birthday to signify her free bird i.e. The hummingbird is a sign of love and this girl got it carved along with a line to express her feelings. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The best part about the hummingbird tattoos is that they can be combined with all the sweet things like flowers, stars and feathers to give you a sexy feminine look. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Snake Tattoos, Turtle Tattoos, Frog Tattoos and Cross With Wings Tattoos. Glossy hummingbird in purple, green and blue with yellow hexagonal tiles in the background.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you are looking for a tattoo design that is meaningful and good looking at the same time, opt for a hummingbird tattoo and you are good to go.
The humming tattoo designs presented here can work wonders for enhancing your overall looks. Try a two dimensional view of the hummingbird with the head tilting down showing good throat, belly and tail detail. With so many tribal patterns for you to look at, you should have no problem finding the tribal hummingbird tattoos that are right for you. You will want to check the galleries for any new ideas or add-ons to help you finish off your hummingbird tattoos. If you want an artwork that covers your arm or part of your back, you can integrate the hummingbird theme with flowers and other plants to create a colorful, visually stunning work of art!
Flowers are perfect complements for hummingbirds, and will help you create a one of a kind piece that you’ll be proud to show the world.
If you can’t find the perfect design, though, you can always use flash designs as inspiration for your own unique designs! The subtle bird is now being used in all kinds of artwork due to its small stature but beautiful coloring.
Even today, many believers wear a dead hummingbird in a little bag round their neck as they believe it has the power to attract their soul mate.
The hummingbird is seen as a symbol of unconditional love and is often used with various floral designs.
Nature has gifted them with so many colors that all the species look beautiful; be it the strong eagle or the small and dainty hummingbird.

With its cute and clever features, this bird is becoming very famous in the tattoo world too.
So, if you are planning on a tattoo this season, make sure to have a look at the hummingbird designs too. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Hummingbird tattoos are one of the most sought after tattoo designs, especially among women. The small bird is well known for its grace and beauty.  Meanings reflected in hummingbird tattoos can be someone who lives life to the fullest or even accomplishment of a long complicated task.
Detail here will be in the wings in the bottom of its stroke with its back arched up and the tail tucked up under the body. Try a tribal hummingbird in a razor tribal design but round off the bottom side of the razor to soften it up; it will look fantastic when finished. Flowers can be the normal red, yellow, and blue and so on, but try to challenge those colors with crimson red, electric blue, for a great vibrant look. These designs are usually quite small, so you can have one put just about anywhere, including your wrist, ankle, or foot. Just take the time to select your colors carefully – you don’t want the colors of the flowers to detract too much from your hummingbird!
The prestige and meaning of the hummingbird tattoo originates back to Eastern Brazil, the bird is said to of hoarded water from a small village until they had none so the Indians had to release some of threes. In other cultures deceased hummingbirds are dried, this forms a little powder which is deposited into the drink of the person they are trying to attract. Hummingbird is an intriguing avian that is a delight to watch as it has got amazing qualities which are quite unique.
As far as the symbolic meaning is concerned, hummingbird denotes joy, life, love and celebration. These birds have been held in high esteem by the Native American people, who have represented them in their literature, legends, mythology and folklore.
Some people say they see love ones lost in repeated visits by the same hummingbird over long periods of time.
Try a view of the hummingbird in flight in a two dimensional view as if it is right in front of your face. Tribal hummingbird tattoos look great in single dark ink or a combination of dark ink for the bottom of the bird and color for the top half.
The bird, despite being small eats almost fifty times a day to keep the flow of energy in its body. Any woman who is outgoing and loves her life to the fullest is surely going to love this design too. These birds are known for their unique flying skills, as well as their brightly colored bodies. For a few hummingbird tattoos ideas you may try a single hummingbird in flight, a humming bird feeding, and hummingbird tattoos in tribal style. Good detail of the bill, eye, and throat with the wings in the down stoke will make a great tattoo you will want to show off. If you are curious to know more about this particular tattoo, then here we have a post dedicated to the smallest bird in the world. They are often portrayed as symbols of love, strength, charm, joy, hope, abundance, freedom, energy, vigor and life itself.

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