This machine is capable of hitting very softly compared to the best conventional coil shading machines. This feature gives the artist the flexibility to switch between machine bodies faster and easier than plugging and unplugging conventional clip cords. Motor bolt systems can be bagged along with your RCA cord helping to prevent cross contamination. Please buy Hummingbird rotary tattoo machines only from us or our distributors that are recognized by us. The needle retainer keep's you'r needle perfecty stabilized and has no need for the rubber bands. Only one motor bolt is required to power several machine bodies as the system was designed to be interchangeable.

Top quality Swiss made motor (normal motor or Maxon motor) makes Hummingbird powerful and durable in use.
The machine is made of lightweight aluminum alloy which has better heat dissipation and reduce your hand fatigue. Designed with the tattoo artist in mind and manufactured with high quality materials and components available. It is more compact than traditional electromagnetic tattoo machines and more flexible operation. We guarantee the quality of this machine and offer you 12 months warranty from the date of purchase.
Long life span up to 10,000 hours, steeples speed control with reversing function (consider many tattooists adopts the traditional continually power supply, easy to mess up the positive and negative), drives up to 49 needles or more without problems.

The Hummingbird is a state of the art rotary based tattoo machine with features that gives it several advantages compared to other tattoo machines. It can be set up to hit at short, medium, or long strokes by simply changing the interchangeable extenders in the front of the motor. The needle bar stabilizer and the ability to accept standard grips, tubes, needles and power supplies along with a RCA jack makes the Hummingbird machine the most complete tattoo machine ever made.

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