Being a self-taught artist, I completed my first mural at the age of 8 on our basement walls. I encourage anyone that is in need of a mural or painting of any type to contact Jerry Ragg. Jerry captured the a€?Caribbean life stylea€? in amazing murals featuring my husband, myself and our beloved golden retrievers and cats. As a play equipment supplier I have worked with Jerry on many occasions, using a lot of different themes. The rose is a symbol of love, beauty, royalty and perfection and is considered the most beautiful of all flowers, also in tattoo form.
As pretty as a rose, as dainty as a rose… in the collective imagination this flower with its velvety, fragrant petals has always represented beauty, youth and especially love.
Like the lotus, the rose symbolises perfection and its shape is like a mandala, the symbol which represents spiritual realization, the fullness of being.
The magic number of the rose is 5, representing an individual who lives in equilibrium with the cosmos. The most well known heraldic rose is the Tudor Rose, the traditional flower of England, which takes its name from the royal house of the Tudors. The rose of the English royal family is very popular as a tattoo subject among those who feel “English” through and through. One subject that is becoming more and more popular is the traditional style rose, in both old school and new school versions and often used with a given name, script or skull. The name of this flower comes from the Latin rosa which in turn comes from the Greek rhodon… where Rhodes, also known as the island of the roses, gets its name too. Others believe that the name of the rose comes from the Celtic word rhood or rhuud, meaning red, or the Sanskrit vrad or vrod, which means flexible.
There is an ancient yet still widespread practice of naming people after flowers – for example Daisy, Iris, Violet, Poppy, Lily and so on – a tradition which is linked to the symbolism of each individual flower. IMPORTANT NOTE: I require at least half of the payment up-front, before starting on any commission, be it digital or traditional. I usually accept payment via PayPal (swandog [at] swandogstudio [dot] com), as well as by international money order and direct bank transfer; please contact me for details on the latter two.

1st studio - siberian mouse - hd collection 3 [rg, 1st studio siberian mouses nk022_learn_to_suck m_23 masha smoking msh_45 masha blowjob pussy hq sound nk002 nice masturbation using dildo msh_45 masha blowjob links. Our friends and our renters delight in recognizing us dressed as pirates defending our many treasures. I've had Jerry Ragg do two completely different types of large scale murals, one, a restaurant and the other, a children's entertainment center. It has fascinated generations of artists and lovers and is without a doubt the most widely recognised (and best selling!) flower in the world. It is so popular and so well loved that it enjoys a rare privilege: it is considered special and unique. The full, rounded form of the rose is therefore linked in meaning to the circle and the wheel, symbols of perfection and complete development, of the indestructible, eternal universe. There are also five petals in the simplest roses and the image of the rose most commonly used in heraldry for the coats of arms of families and cities.
There is even a website dedicated to the theme, with a gallery of tattoos dedicated to the Tudor Rose! There are also many admirers of the realistic style rose tattoo, which can be of an exceptionally high quality thanks to the expertise and creativity of the tattoo artist. Other roses are dedicated to famous people, like the Princess de Monaco, which is refined and elegant, the Queen Elizabeth, which has pale pink petals, the William Shakespeare, with its distinct fragrance, or the Picasso featuring white-streaked red petals.
Women called Rose should be proud, their name evokes the most beautiful, well known flower, the eternal symbol of beauty, love and royalty. I'm not currently taking on any new art trades, as I desperately need to catch up on all the old ones I already owe. First (upon receiving your pre-payment), I will send you a scan of the WIP sketch to approve and make changes to, as needed, then will resend it (as a scan), after changes are made, for re-approval. When all changes are approved, I will ink the sketch, and only very minor edits can be done to it at this point (which I would charge for, since it is difficult to make changes to traditional inked work). Having traveled all over the nation for projects, there is not a style or surface that I have not painted on. The murals are the life of our outdoor terrace overlooking our swimming pool and spectacular view of the Caribbean.

In fact, flowers in general make up one tattoo category whereas the rose is a tattoo category in its own right, so it is no coincidence that it is called the “queen of tattoos”.
I am an extremely slow artist, due to various health issues as well as busy married life with kids, so please understand this BEFORE you venture to commission me.
I will do up to three free edits on a WIP sketch, or one complete do-over (rough sketches only). I do not allow such edits on professional (for-profit) commissions; everything done on a professional commission must be done by me (in my own style), and any changes or additions must be pre-approved by me.
In Orlando, the Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean murals in the bedrooms bring our rental home to life.
Furthermore, I haven't officially promised a commission for anyone placed in my queue (who hasn't yet paid), and I don't accept payment for any commission until I am ready to actually start on it, at which point I require half up front.
The characters are realistic; the settings capture the mystical atmosphere desired by the rental home owners.
Jerry gave me the "Wow Factor" I was looking for so I am pleased to give him my highest recommendations. I also generally don't do deadlines, and I have the right to refuse taking on your commission for any reason, or to cancel a commission that I've already started. Jerrya€™s easy going personality and pleasant disposition made working with him a pleasure. Also, I don't do free art (requests) except as gifts for very close friends and family only, so please don't ask; again, thank you for understanding! I was grateful for how neat his work area stayed and how thoroughly he cleaned up afterwards.
And of course, please feel free to e-mail me anytime if you are interested in purchasing an original or print of my work.

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