There is nothing like expressing your love in permanent ink – it is meant to last forever just like the tattoo. Infinity and Circle of Love Tattoos are popular as well for the symbolic meaning that love never ends. Celtic knots, love knots and Claddah ring designs are very popular for their significance and meaning.
A wedding is after all, a spiritual event, why not get symbols of your everlasting eternity symbolic of your religious beliefs? Known as the red string of fate,  people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. Founder of Inked Weddings and an 11 year veteran of the wedding industry, Erica has seen it all - and has a growing collection of her own personal Ink. Craftster member off_the_record had her reception in an old movie theater so they attached handmade place cards to boxes of movie candy.
TheBon and Le Cirage both busted out their button makers to make their favors for their weddings.
I am a fan of printing the invitations and added some delicate embroidery, turns cheap to chic! I’ll send a few of my customers here to check these out, as they’re pretty cool! Wow-Amazing Blog- Wow -Thanks for all the great information and i love the pictures, thanks for sharing this blog.
Wedding ring tattoos are immensely popular these days among engaged or married couples as they are a great way to celebrate the love and devotion two people share among them. The wedding ring tattoos presented here are quite diverse in their styles and work great for all tastes and preferences.
I’d stay away from color tattoos on fingers though as they tend to fade quicker than black tats do. The invitations paid homage to paint swatches and the favors were miniature paint cans filled with candy. Click on the pictures to see even more mass wedding craftiness that the two of them undertook.

I would suggest comparing the cost of buying wedding favors before starting your DIY project them. I’ve organizing a wedding event in Brisbane next wek and I need all the ideas and inspirations I could get my hands on, teehee! As tattoos are meant to be permanent, people love having various styles of wedding rings tattooed on their fingers to symbolize the eternal bond they share with their partner. Sure, getting married is a huge step emotionally, but it isn’t going to place much of a dent in your finances, right?Think again. I began researching ideas for wedding ring tattoos and came up with 35 unique wedding and finger tattoo ideas for couples that I think you’ll love. And I must say that getting to put your wedding party name on a beautiful old movie theater marquee is just about the coolest thing ever. This is such a neat way to give everyone a unique window into the happy couple’s lives and personalities. Melted crayon favors for kids by sweets4ever, custom temporary tattoos by TheSueb, cookie cutter favors by crazy_bc_jen and decorated matchboxes by *MAR*.
For even more wedding craftiness, don’t forget to check out the Craftster forum entitled Weddings and Bridal Showers. I think that the most popular one is making a tattoo with your wedding date with usual or Roman numbers, and many celebrities have already rocked this thing. Unlike a diamond wedding ring that is conventionally used in marriages, wedding ring tattoos can have quite innovative designs.
The average man spends about $5300 on an engagement ring alone, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.
Hearts are also one of the most popular ideas to try, and if your fiance thinks that hearts aren’t for men, then you can make this tattoo just on the finger side. Some of the most popular ideas for wedding ring tattoos include Celtic knot tattoos, Claddagh ring designs, love knots, wedding ring tattoos that refer to biblical quotes, sugar skulls wedding ring tattoos, circle of love and infinity wedding ring tattoos. Initials or sweet words are on top of wedding band tattoos, make beautiful letters of your names or write ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs’.
Some people also prefer having heart signs, heart with wings or even each other’s names tattooed on their ring fingers.

You can also choose a word or an image that means a lot to you both and tattoo it on your fingers. Other popular wedding ring designs include musical notes, Sanskrit Om designs, the word “Love”, crowns, anchors as well as images tree and owl. Tattooing an identical image that represents a shared interest on each of your ring fingers shows the world how something that’s important to you as an individual also unites you with the person you love above all others.
No one has to settle with this adorable design, which allows the couple to still wear physical rings while showcasing a meaningful message on each of their ring fingers.Another fun design that allows you to also wear a tangible wedding ring is this adorable side-finger tattoo that celebrates a newly shared last name. If you feel like singing and dancing for joy whenever you think of your new spouse, this may be the perfect design for the two of you to share on your ring fingers for the rest of your lives.
You could use the first initial of your beloved’s first name, or you could use the first initial of the last name you intend on sharing from this point forward.If you were unable to find the perfect ring in your preliminary search, then why not bring it to life yourself by drawing it? There’s no mistaking to whom your heart belongs with this design!Maybe you love the concept of tattooing your spouse’s name on your ring finger, but what are you to do when his or her name is a mile long?
Instead of purchasing traditional wedding bands, they decided to tattoo the atomic symbol, an element of a piece of art they saw together on one of their first dates, onto their fingers. While atoms may mean little to you and your significant other, any symbol that has a special meaning to the two of you can act as an excellent ring replacement.One of the biggest trends in the world of tattoo art is the tribal tattoo.
If you and your partner are fans of tribal elements, you may want to go for a design featuring two slithering snakes like these little guys.The heart-shaped lock and key are traditional images that represent love between two people, so what better images to use in place of traditional wedding bands?
What better way to commemorate its significance than by having its numerals etched into your skin for life?
This is a subtle design that would be perfect for couples with a style rooted in simplicity.Sure, we may have already mentioned initial tattoos, but the artsiest of couples can take the idea a step further.
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