Wedding ring tattoos are immensely popular these days among engaged or married couples as they are a great way to celebrate the love and devotion two people share among them.
The wedding ring tattoos presented here are quite diverse in their styles and work great for all tastes and preferences. There's a moment at every UK wedding when everyone turns their attention to the best man - it's his big moment, time to hand over the wedding rings. Updated daily & brimming with wedding ideas and inspiration, Before the Big Day is the best wedding blog for couples looking to make their big day stand out from the crowd. As tattoos are meant to be permanent, people love having various styles of wedding rings tattooed on their fingers to symbolize the eternal bond they share with their partner.

At US weddings they do things differently - usually the rings are carried on a pillow by a pageboy or flower girl. Unlike a diamond wedding ring that is conventionally used in marriages, wedding ring tattoos can have quite innovative designs. I'm super-keen on the American tradition, particularly because it's another opportunity for you to personalise your big day with pretty wedding details! Some of the most popular ideas for wedding ring tattoos include Celtic knot tattoos, Claddagh ring designs, love knots, wedding ring tattoos that refer to biblical quotes, sugar skulls wedding ring tattoos, circle of love and infinity wedding ring tattoos.
Some people also prefer having heart signs, heart with wings or even each other’s names tattooed on their ring fingers.

Other popular wedding ring designs include musical notes, Sanskrit Om designs, the word “Love”, crowns, anchors as well as images tree and owl.

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