Hey, the next time you communicate with the folks at Corel, tell them to add some prosumer features like secondary color correction, dynamic time warp, OpenCL support, the Classic Title from Studio (the current one produces soft titles), 2k & 4k support (for marketing purposes), multicam with auto sync, and you add some too! Re timeline zooming – I did not know you could grab the end of the timeline scroll bar to zoom, until you mentioned this I clicked and dragged in the timeline just above it. Great review, very balanced and above all clearly written, it has made my mind up to upgrade from Avid Studio which although frustrating at times was the best I have used. I also agree with Tony P about the Classic Title Editor and Auto Sync – these would be a tremendous help that I would be willing to pay for !!! Excellent review as I have always used Pinnacle for editing this has given me a clear picture of the upgrade, but I have just bought a new higher spec 64 bit computer and a Panasonic HC-X900 camera. What I would suggest to you Richard is to download the trial version first before making the purchase. Will I be able to still use the program with my .mov files from a Nikon Coolpix S8200 camera?! Okay, so now my only problem is that I do not know what program to open the downloaded free trial file in .
Have just spent the last 2 hours being shuffled back n forth between Pinnacle’s site and Corel while I try and download the product I purchased. My recommendation is GIVE THIS PRODUCT A MISS…find a much more user-friendly software manufacturer and particularly a much more user-friendly web site. I still use my original user name and password that I have had since DV500 and Studio 8 days.
The layout is done very nicely and I was able to see some extra FX that I needed to purchase separately in the earlier versions. Advid which also makes Pro Tools DAW audio recording program sold Pinnacle to Corel and just like I thought, this transition sucks. I needed help to solve a problem uninstalling the earlier Ultimate 14 from my Laptop the every time I boot it up it gives me an several error codes that is very annoying, I tried to get help for almost three days and it is totally impossible being directed to Pinnacle to obtain a service code number then be directed to Corel and back and forth with no phone support, I even called a listed support # that was disconnected, this is a total nightmare.
I got refunded and may wait until Corel totally implement the Pinnacle setup into their program. Hopefully it will get better in the future but for now, do yourself a favor and avoid Pinnacle 16 like a plague.
As for your inability to uninstall S14, that can be from many many factors that are not related to S14 but your computer.
To update this case, reply to this email leaving the subject line as it is and enter your response at the top of the email. I am receiving these messages on my laptop after uninstalling Pinnacle 12 &14 and then installing Pinnacle 16 Ultimate.

Being a music producer I have used many programs over the years and most companies respond and help solve your issue, without hoop jumping. Pinnacle at this transitional time for me was the worst costumer service I have dealt with in years.
I truly hope that Pinnacle 17 if they continue the brand have better technical service people will deal with issues and not pass them off. As I mentioned in the response before, I did notify Corel the owner of Pinnacle 16 and was not successful after many tries. I do use C Cleaner as well and it wasn’t able to salve this ongoing problem, thank you for the suggestions. What I would strongly suggest is that you download the program, look for tutorials on green screen and see if you can’t pull it off with another flat wall color using Chromakey. If you have recently signed up, please make sure you log in so that your activity is registered. Anyone interested in Pascal support can use my version of header and wrapper named MagicZen and placed on extra page with other additions for ZenGL. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and spend long hours learning complex tools like Photoshop! Our goal is to provide a fun and easy tool that helps people be creative and express themselves. There has been much confusion for some people thinking that PS16 is an upgrade for Studio15 and shocked to find out it isn’t. Will I be able to load the video direct into Studio through a USB 3 port as the camera does not have a firewire connection on it?
The set up of existing Pinnacle accounts and the new ownership by Corel is a total shambles. If many people are using it and are able to uninstall it and you can’t, where do you think the problem is?
The old Title Deko that made working with Titles so much faster and easier, along with producing a better output.
My suggest is, IF you haven’t opened the software yet and can return it, download the trial version first (30days trial) and see if you can work with your HD files.
Yes, the software does have some problems, but I have been able to finish whatever I have started.
Corel obtained Pinnacle last summer, in the midst of Avid Studio (the name for PS16 at that time) being updated to Avid Studio v2 (now PS16).
As I also stated earlier for the time that the ownership changed hands, the customer technical department response, should be just as accurate and efficient as the sales department.

In general, run a registry cleaner after uninstalling will remove bits and pieces left in the registry by just about every program.
If you have Avid Studio, when you upgrade to PS16, you will notice that in Red Giant, while you gain Mojo, Cosmo and Warp, you lose ToonIt and 3DStroke. IF you really want help, then stop by the Pinnacle user forums, log in and make a post with as much detailed information that you have. But I guess Corel figures it has VideoStudioPro (I do have both X4 and X5 Ultimate) which was a direct competitor to Studio15. In Avid, if you wanted to zoom the timeline to see more or less of it on the screen, you had to use this Zoom Selection window below the timeline. The use of it grew on me, yet the manner in which you use it still doesn’t seem natural. In Pinnacle 16 ,they completely changed it so that you simply grab the ends of the scroll bar on the left or right ends and drag it to show more or less of the timeline. But for the average person, especially the novice, this feature may never be discovered because the usability of the feature is unlike anything in use today. Just make a zoom slider to do it, which most users will recognize because they are used in a bunch of other software programs.  In fact, there is already a simple zoom slider in the library panel view, so why not do the same thing for the timeline??  Makes no sense to me. Using the 3D glasses included in the package you should be able to use the package for all your needs.
Performance The bottom line in performance is that the software imports files faster, renders faster, plays preview clips faster, and generally operates faster than Avid Studio in just about every way. Bottom Line The improvements and enhancements between Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16 are huge, although you won’t be able to initially tell it by looking at the interface. And the fact that they knocked off $40 from the price and gave you more is simply icing on the cake.
And I still think, as I did with Avid, that this package is a little more than the complete video novice will be able to handle.
But what you get for the price is amazing, and the interface and performance improvements will make existing customers upgrade for sure.

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