But perhaps the most troubling findings on the effects of all this pink come from Professor Stefano Puntoni of the Rotterdam School of Management. This entry was posted in Branding, My Marketing Mojo and tagged Brands, Cause Marketing, Marketing by Christine. We believe in delivering your order to you as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price. This annual event aims to generate awareness for breast cancer and raise money for finding a cure.
Many have accused companies of “pink washing” when there is little correlation between the cause and the products themselves.

According to Puntoni’s research, seeing the color pink actually makes women less likely to think they’ll get breast cancer and less likely to donate to cancer research. Though the association is still strong, it is beginning to lose its meaning and therefore some of its impact. This validation process delivers identity Assurance so customers will trust You and be confident buying on your site. If the goal is to get people to take breast cancer seriously, now is the perfect moment for shift in campaign strategy. Comodo is a leading global provider of Identity And Trust Assurance services on the Internet, With over 200,000 customers worldwide.

A percentage of the proceeds made from these purchases go back to breast-cancer foundations to fund research.

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