Animal tattoos are full of meaning and also serve as cool, aesthetic and inspirational body art forms. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Butterfly Tattoos, Swallow Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoos and Hummingbird Tattoo. This man expresses his love for the sport though this tattoo that has got a stunning and sporty touch.
Carved on the upper back, this plain horse tattoo, symbolizes the winning spirit, the girl harbors in her heart. Running horse tattoo with fine details created on the back that gives out the message of perseverance and focus. This man works in the automobile manufacturing company Ford and has got a tattoo on his back as a mark of respect for his profession.
The horse shoe is known to bring good luck and this tattoo is an extension of the same belief, carved for the same reason. This upper back tattoo showing a dark horse, with a serious expression on its face, is a symbol of grief.
Small and stunning tribal horse tattoo symbolizes mystery and magic, that the wearer finds fascinating. Carved on the side of the waist, this horse tattoo has got a sensuous look, emerging from the groin area.
The horse, eating flowers, is a symbol of stamina and strength that are necessary traits, required to win the race of life. Horse with fallen face and its mane half covering the eye, symbolizes grief and sadness, that the wearer is experiencing. This arm tattoo with lettering symbolizes the mare, baby and friend of the wearer represented by the horse, cat and wolf respectively.

Floral design, feminine horse tattoo that is a symbol of loyalty and service; traits associated with the fairer sex. The girl got this logo horse tattoo as a tribute to her father who loved his 67 mustang fastback.
The horse is a beautiful and majestic creature and this person got the tattoo just to show his love for the animal.
Small but neat, horse tattoo carved around the ankle, that represents the energetic and never-say-die attitude of the wearer. This girl got a horse with flames on her upper back to give vent to her sporty and spirited attitude. Beautiful and simple horse tattoo, carved on the neck, denotes guidance and strength, that are pre requisites to win life battles. The horse, marching through the waves, is a spiritual symbol that acts as a guiding spirit for the wearer.
Colorful and vibrant carousel horse tattoo to convey the joyful spirit hidden inside the wearer.
Amazing design created on the body in the form a horse tattoo that is a stand out and catches instant attention. An integral part of Celtic people’s life, the horse is considered to be auspicious and divine.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Horse Tattoo meaning - freedom (like mermaid tattoos), independence (like an american flag), self-confidence (like a seahorse), endurance, courage (like a Griffin), agility (like an alligator), alertness, speed, strength (like a bull), intelligence, beauty, power, fertility, etc.
Horse Tattoo Placement ideas - on your back, behind your ear, on your lower back, on your foot, on your ribs, on your hip, on your thigh, on your shoulder.

Horse Tattoos on celebrities – Liz Jones (she has a horse tattoo on her shoulder), Jacqui Sandell (a horse tattoo on her wrist), Scarlett Johansson (she has a lucky horse tattoo on her body), etc. Pink, purple, brown, yellow, black, white, red, blue, and orange are some of the colors commonly used in horse tattoos. The horse tattoos are also one such animal tattoo that make for delectable tattoo art samples and hold deep meaning.
One another very strong reason behind the horse tattoos becoming popular is the Mustang car designed by the automobile manufacturing company Ford. They can be used to show a love of horses, or, depending on design, can be used to prove a point for something. Be it the battle field, agriculture field, race course or any pathway; the horse has always come up as a loyal companion, helping and guiding the man in achieving his goals. Many people are so much in love with the car that they wear its logo on their body as tattoos which consists of a running horse.
This is why the horse tattoo is associated with power, strength, loyalty, companionship and glory. Here, in this post, we have showcased 30 horse tattoos that will give you more information on this interesting subject. Horse tattoos can be very intricate, showing every little detail, or can be very simple, and only show the basics. Horse tattoos show how animal tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself and show something you love or are interested in.

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