Tattoo Scabbing is a natural defense of the skin to protect itself from the intruder, in this case Tattoo ink.
I have had the privilege of writing articles on a wide variety of topics, but the topic I found the most interesting is on Tattoo Scabbing. I became interested in tattoos and the aftercare of tattoo art when my daughter married a man with several tattoos, and now she has more tattoos than he does.
It became apparent that from the healing process that she went through should have the first time discouraged her having any more tattoos, but that was not the case.

So in concern for her healing and getting tattooed again, I started studying the aftercare of tattooing and tattoo scabbing and found it interesting and helpful.
It is for this purpose that I have created this blog and to give alternatives for the best tattoo art I have come across.
Scientists however agree to some benefits of tattoos but disagree with a lot of claims, referring them as spiritual healing more than medical ones.
It would be interesting for you know that Tibetans also get tattooed on certain acupuncture points in order to insert certain medicinal herbs mixed in the tattoo dyes.

However in countries like Tibet people still get engraved their bodies with tattoos related to their sacred mantras, mantra wheels and mantra flags.
Tattoo Scabbing is about keeping you tattoo colors looking vibrant and healthy and you are happy with a good looking tattoo.

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