Unlike oceanic spinner dolphins, Hawaiian spinners are found close to shore in shallow coves and bays during the day. The spinner dolphin is named for its unique habit of leaping out of the water and spinning in mid-air. Learn more about the Dolphin SMART program that promotes responsible stewardship of wild dolphins in coastal waterways. If you want to turn this clipart into a sticker, print it out on one of those Avery label sheets.
This second dolphin coloring page would make a great warm up exercise for young students learning about the ocean.

In these important nearshore habitats, Hawaiian spinner dolphins rest, care for their young, avoid predators and engage in reproductive activities vital to their survival. They feed on organisms that rise toward the surface at night, such as small squid, lantern fish and small hake.
If you want to make the dolphin paper toy sturdier, add a layer of cardboard, or print this out on construction paper.
Although the maximum age is unknown, the spinner dolphin's lifespan is believed to be over 20 years. For that reason, I’ve created a set of free dolphin clipart and printable dolphin coloring pages for kids.

When observing spinner dolphins in the wild, the recommended distance for observation is 150 feet (50 yards) to avoid potential harassment.
Each of these images if free for personal and educational use, so you can use them in school projects, homework assignments, and in your own creative art.
In addition to the clipart, I’ve also created a simple dolphin paper toy craft, and a dolphin outline and silhouette.

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