I can certainly see the appeal of being able to change your eyes to whatever color you want. Gina and Randy have got all the news to keep you interesting this weekend including eyeball tattoos, A Real Life Captain Jack Sparrow and how to smell like Khloe and Lamar! A You would think that pushing inkA permanently into your skin would be the end of the story, but you would be mistaken. Good to know that having a tattooed eyeball doesn't disqualify you from working at Comcast.

Still, the process of eyeball tattooing looks a little too painful for me to even consider it.
A Many tattooers are afraid of tattooing the eyeball, but there are some artists who are willing to do this.
A Before running out and getting your eyeballs tattooed, research your artist and ask them if they are comfortable doing this. The process is quite painful, and the results range from mildly spooky to downright demonic.

A few of these pictures show the process of eyeball tattooing, and are not for the faint of heart.

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