There was a time when people thought Humpty and Shock G were two different people (Spoiler Alert! The Troop was awesome, it was almost like a stationary running man, but you could also move forward with it as well … Had a group named after the dance, remember the sneakers and the track suits and Jean Jackets?
The Reebok is a dance that a lot of people did but didn’t know it was called the rebook, the key to the reebok was what you did in the middle, you had to shake it up and make it funky!

The Snake was one of the illest dances again because women did it and you could do it at a party or club on a date .. The prep might be the greatest ever … it would be the greatest ever, but #1 is a no brainer. You checked the mirror, dusted off your shoulders, cleaned your clothes, mushed your partners faced, put your nose in the air, that wing flap thing you did with your arms … some of everything!

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