The lion has been a part of many cultures and civilizations in the world – in Egypt, Greece, India and even the Mediterranean. Oh wow, one of the last ones on the page by Jun Cha (the black and white tattoo) is fantastic, I haven’t seen it before! Helleo, I love all these tatoos, I want one but I’m searching the Tatoo artist who can tatoo a real beautiful Lion on my arm so I love the third one with lioness and cubs, can you tell me who is the artist who made it?

Aside from skulls, I guess lion tattoos are also one of the favorite designs that people ask for a tattoo. People love lion tattoos not only for its cool appearance but also for its rich symbolic meaning. I can’t blame them because it looks really nice just like the ones you have in this list!

A person tattooed with a lion might signalize that this person is seeking the strength and power in order to gain respect.

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