Well, it only took me a few minutes to find what I needed, but I was busy with another post so this had to wait. I’ve come to find out that the Bajan beauty has approximately 10 11 12 13 14 tattoos! I usually don’t like a lot of tats but she has mastered the art of getting them small and so discretely. THE TATTOO IS A TRADITIONAL TATTOO FROM MY MAORI PEOPLE OF NEW-ZEALAND IT REPRESENTS AROHA(LOVE) AND MANA(STRENGTH)IT IS IN NO WAY HENNA BUT LOOKS LIKE IT BECAUSE SHE GOT IT DONE ON HER WRIST WHICH IS AN UNCOMMON PLACE FOR A MAORI TATTOO BUT AN AWESOME IDEA I am Maori and I love this tat. I reckon it’s a good way to express yourself and what your feeling at certain periods of your life. Tatuaz zostal stworzony przez slynnego brazylijskiego tatuazyste, na ktorego wizyte trzeba zapisac sie trzy lata wstecz! Po tym jak pojawily sie pierwsze zdjecia Rihanny z nowym tatuazem, media szybko wysmialy jego blad uznajac, ze po francusku przymiotnik powinien byc prawidlowo jako drugie slowo, czyli fleur rebelle (zbuntowany kwiat).
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Arabic phrase on her ribcage area reading 'Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh' translating into Freedom in God. Her newest (for now) is a traditional Maori hand tattoo which was applied by mallet and a chisel, bringing her tattoo count to 20+.
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The last word translates to Messiah or Christ, which in turn is widely used as the common arabic name for Jesus. I never would have thought of putting a Maori tat on the wrist but this is awesome and a very beautiful one at that and as for you stupid a$$ Maori’s who keep saying that other people shouldn’t wear our tattooing I mean come on you idiots it is no big deal and it is not Tapu (too sacred) for someone to have a Maori tat apart from a Moko so get over it!
Na szczescie dla Rihanny, byl on w Tokyo w tym samym czasie co ona i mogl go dla niej stworzyc od razu. Zostal on zrobiony naturalna metoda, tak jak robiono tatuaze setki lat temu (bez uzycia nowoczesnych, profesjonalnych igiel).
Tatuazysci BangBang i Cally-Jo przylecieli dla Rihanny specjalnie z Nowego Jorku na Dominikane, aby ukonczyc ten tatuaz.

Wybrala swoje motto „Never a failure, always a lesson” pisane wspak, aby mogla je zawsze czytac w lustrze. Jednak w SMSie wyslanym wczesniej przez Rihanne do swojego tatuazysty, ktory pozniej zostal opublikowany w prasie Rihanna wytlumaczyla (a nawet przepowiedziala, ze media beda sie czepiac). And for all of you saying that it is ugly, that is because you do not appreciate true and native art that symbolizes something more and deeper that has been created through out hundreds of years. W mitologii egipskiej Isis to opiekunka rodzin, idealna matka i zona, a takze przyjaciel niewolnikow, grzesznikow i potepionych. It says "Never a failure, always a lesson" tattooed across her upper right chest a€“ in light gray ink.
Obviously she likes it because she understands tribal art and it’s importance, being native and islander herself.

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