The other evening I was speaking with a friend who had recently taken a cruise to the Baltic and Russia.
Stockhom (the name means log island)is the capital of Sweden and its largest city with just under 900,000 inhabitants. The city rose in prominence due to its part in the Hanseatic league and trade with Hamburg, Gdansk, Lubeck and other league cities.
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Stockholm is comprised of fourteen islands that are connected by nearly 50 bridges, located on Lake Malaren.  Among all of these waterways are green spaces, museums, and historical sites to explore.

While the accommodations available in Stockholm range in price and type, from budget hostels to luxury hotels, they share the common traits of Scandinavian functionality and sensibilities. Modern decorative touches mixed with fluffy furnishings make Rival a standout among Stockholm hotels.  The rooms are almost too comfortable, but if you do decide to venture outside of it, you will find the hotel equipped with a movie theater, bakery, restaurant, and a stylish bar. Traditional Scandinavian fare along with innovative vegetarian and seafood offerings give visitors to Stockholm a good variety of dining options to choose from.
Vegetarians and omnivores alike will marvel at the buffet-style offerings at Hermans.  Views from the glassed-in deck showcase the harbor, and make for a delightful experience for all of the senses. To sample the simple and tasty local cuisine, dine at the award-winning Mathias Dahlgren.  The ambience is very elegant and the food is some of the best that you will taste in all of Stockholm.
Each of Stockholm’s islands have a distinct flair, attitude, and history.  From the medieval architecture of Gamla Stan to the lovely green spaces of Djurgarden to the hipster attitude of Sodermalm to the chic and upscale sensibilities of Ostermalm, you can pick your unique Stockholm experience from day to day. A must-see in Stockholm is the Kungliga Slottet, or the Royal Palace.  Visit the State apartments for a tour of the Gobelin tapestries, the Treasury has the crown jewels on display, and the Royal Armory showcases weaponry. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rosendals Tragarden, where you can pick flowers, explore the gardens, and dine on tasty items crafted from locally grown ingredients. Tour the architecturally impressive Stadhuset (city hall), and marvel at the Riddarholmskyran, the Grey Friars monastery, which dates back to 1270.

Winters are very cold, but conditions are perfect for those who enjoy winter sports such as skiing.  Fall and spring are lovely in Stockholm, warmer than winter, and a touch chillier than summer.
You can open this downloadable and printable map of Stockholm by clicking on the map or via this link: Open the map.
You can open, download and print this detailed map of Stockholm by clicking on the map or via this link: Open the map. It dates back to the 16th century and contains over 16,000 paintings and an additional 30,000 works of art.
This is the place where visitors will be able to see beautiful old farms, manor houses and shops from different parts of Sweden.

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