If you ever decide to get personalized tattoos you should first check whether the tattooist can actually spell. Lester wanted to look like he was moving faster so he decided to tattoo flames on his side.
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Kimberley Vlaminck, the young Belgian says she went to a tattoo parlor to get three small stars tattooed, but the foreign artist misunderstood her request and left her with 56 stars covering the left side of her face. She’s better off accepting his offer so she can hurry up and get at least half those stars off her noggin. Prison tattoo artists use materials such as cd player motors, springs, pens and soot (among other found materials) to create tools and inks for tattooing fellow inmates.

The first tattooing machine (the precursor to today’s tattoo gun) was patented by Samuel F.
According to some sources, different types of sailors’ tattoos held different meanings at different times in history. Otzi the Iceman is the oldest natural mummy ever discovered in Europe (he was found between Austria and Italy), and is believed to have lived around 5,200 years ago. In 1999, toy maker Mattel introduced the Butterfly Art Barbie which came with a butterly tattoo on her stomach, along with temporary tattoos for the doll’s owners. The very first televised beauty pageant (filmed at the 1939 World’s Fair) featured a heavily-tattooed contestant named Betty Broadbent, who was already somewhat famous as a circus performer for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
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It was eventually taken off the market after numerous complaints were recieved from parents.

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Nevermind the pain, the noise of the tattoo-gun right next to her left ear would have been enough to keep her awake.Kimberley says she must have been drugged by Rouslan Toumaniantz, the shop-owner and the guy who executed the tattoo, but he insists the girl specifically asked for 56 stars tattooed on her face. He says the whole scandal started when the 18-year-old went home and showed her family and boyfriend the permanent artwork.

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