As it is Christmas, we thought a trip to Tinkerbell the Movie would make for a nice Christmas treat. From an adult perspective, not the best animation – but as a parent, I think this adorable and lovely and I highly recommend taking your kids.
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Exclusive Interview with Tetsuya Nomura on KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and KINGDOM HEARTS III!
Tinker Bell is loyal and brave, but she's also hot-tempered and very jealous of other girls who catch Peter's attention. Tink is introduced to Sora and company by Peter Pan who had asked her to find his friend Wendy. After Captain Hook's defeat, Tink guides everyone to the Big Ben back in London so that Sora can seal the Keyhole. Some time later, Tink sensed something wrong with the clock tower and brought it to Peter and Sora's attention.
A feisty little fairy, she is Peter Pan's partner-in-crime and rarely separated from him, although she's notorious for her jealousy if he even speaks to another girl.

Tinker Bell is first seen by Ven, her and the Lost Boys found Ven lying on the ground after landing in Neverland, she tries to wake him by kicking him. Since 2003, KINGDOM HEARTS Insider has been the largest fan community and news resource on the web for the series. Original material is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution.
However she if VERY curious about the winter woods and really wants to go there to see how the winter fairies live.
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She sees Wendy and Peter sharing another moment together leading to another jealous fit, but she does agree to join Sora's party at Peter's request.
She's always to lend Sora a hand, and while he and Peter are dealing ferocious damage, she lends her pixie dust and healing powers. When he does wake he sees her and he recognizes the star shard she is holding, when he asks for it, she flees. We are your one stop shop for all your KINGDOM HEARTS news, media, discussion, and fandom, from the original, to Birth by Sleep, KINGDOM HEARTS 3, and beyond! KINGDOM HEARTS official artwork, trailers, characters, merchandise, and music is copyrighted to Square Enix and Disney.

It is strictly forbidden for the fairies to cross over – the winter woods are too cold for the warm fairies. The girl, seemed to enjoy it too, but was a little tired, so it was difficult to tell how much she liked it. She also gets extremely jealous very easily, especially concerning Peter and any girl who tries to get to him. Sora is forced to choose between walking the plank and surrendering his Keyblade as ransom for Tink's life. In order to do have Roxas assist her, she sprinkles him with fairy dust which allows him to fly! Sora chose the plank, but because of Tink he was able to fly, and Peter arrived just in time to save her.
Roxas is uncertain as to why Tinker Bell would request such help from him, and its one of the many mysteries that Neverland holds.
However, Tinkerbell and Periwinkle’s antic cause trouble and the fairy dust tree is in danger.

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