Officials in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) on Wednesday announced the formation plan for stock market in Afghanistan.
Head of the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) Wafiullah Iftikhar told reporters they have started survey regarding the development of stock market from various organizations and companies based in the country.
He said every company and corporation will be ale to sell its share in stock market which will enable individuals to purchase shares of the companies.
In the meantime Afghanistan’s top bankers are considering plans to set up a financial centre to house its 17 banks and its first-ever stock market in a Dubai-inspired free zone. The Afghanistan Stock Exchange will be designed by top architectural students in the country through a competition.
Only 14% of Americans think the stock market will go up next year, in sharp contrast to the generally bullish tone of most people in the financial world, the Associated Press reports. Of course most of the general public, and most people in this survey, aren’t actively involved in the stock market, reflected by the fact that only about half of the respondents were aware that US equities have had strong performance in 2013, compared to 73% of investors who said the market had improved. The general consensus among analysts is that US equities will continue to grow, but not as quickly as in 2013 since there isn’t much room for further multiple re-ratings. The AP argues that the general public’s perception of stock market performance could be skewed by their immediate situation, and their answers may have been proxies for how they feel about the economic recovery in general. Michael has a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics and physics from Boston University and Master's Degree in physics from University of California, San Diego. Recent PostsImplementation And Evaluation Of An Order Flow Imbalance Trading AlgorithmEU Agrees To Let Users Access Netflix, Inc. There are different types of equity derivatives – options, warrants, futures, forwards, convertible bonds, and swaps. An option is a contract that gives the investors the right, but not an obligation, to buy (through a call option) or sell (through a put option) the underlying scrip at a specified date and at a specified price. A future is a contract between two parties (buyer and seller) in which the buyer agrees to buy the underlying security at a future date and price.

Convertible bonds are the bonds that allow its holder to convert the bond into equity (stock) in the underlying company. An equity swap is an agreement between two parties in which the cash flows from two different assets are exchanged. A commission will select the top three drawings and let the public vote on what the exchange building should look like. The AP-GfK poll also found that 40% of Americans expect the market to stabilize at its current level through the end of 2014, 39% expect it to go down but not crash, and 5% expect a crash. Considering the S&P 500 is up almost 30% so far this year, the NASDAQ is up 36%, and the Dow is up 26%, it would be interesting to know what the other 27% of investors meant when they said the market hadn’t improved, but the poll doesn’t tell us.
Bears are worried that tapering will have a bigger impact than consensus is accounting for, and that even if Federal Reserve chairperson nominee Janet Yellen then pulls back, it could be enough to shake people’s confidence, but this is a minority view. Fortunately for people taking long positions, the negativity shouldn’t directly affect prices since it’s only the sentiment of people actually buying and selling stocks that matter. The option contract specifies whether the option is a call or put, the number of shares in question, the strike price, the contract’s expiration date, and any terms related to settling a closed position. While similar to an option, purchasing a futures contract creates an obligation instead of a right. Warrants give the holder the right, but not the obligation to buy the underlying stock at a specific future date. Forwards creates an obligation between two parties to exchange a stock on a particular date and at a particular price. One of the cash flows comes from an equity index (hence equity swap), such as the CNX 500, while the other will be pegged to the return on another stock or index, or even to a fixed or floating rate. Apart from banks and the bourse, the buildings will feature retail shops, food and beverage outlets, offices for accounting, advisory and legal firms, and brokerage companies. But the pessimism does matter indirectly; as long as the rest of the country is nervous about the fate of the economy, it will be hard to find enough demand for companies to increase their earnings.

Prior to his career in journalism, Michael Worked in the Peace Corps teaching math and science in South Africa. With the options, investors can make unlimited profits because the option holder possesses a contract that performs in sync with the asset itself.
However, differing from options, warrants are issued by a company rather than an investor, and are offered to holders of company bonds and preferred stock. However, differing from futures contract, a forwards contract only results in stocks and money being exchanged on the settlement date. Convertible bonds include the features of a bond such as a coupon and a maturity date and also contain the conversion rate and price in which the bond can be exchanged. Equity swaps are often used to avoid the transaction costs associated with the purchase or sale of stocks, and provide an investor with cash flows similar to the returns that a stock would bring. Though the equity derivatives are different from daily stock trading, but understanding the use of derivatives may help the individuals to unfold the complexities of the stock market. The buyer does not have the option of letting the contract expire without making the purchase.
A warrant allows an investor to purchase (call warrant) or sell shares (put warrant) of a company’s stock at a certain price, often much higher than the price at the time the warrant was issued.
The price of the forward contract is not the same as the spot price, and the difference between the two prices is referred to as the forward premium. A company issuing a warrant can improve the yield on its bonds by reducing the interest rate or dividend that the investor will receive and can provide an investor the option of purchasing or selling stock later on. Futures contract is settled each day on exchanges, creating a series of cash flows rather one a forward contract’s one cash flow.

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