Counterfeit notes are a problem of almost every country but India has been hit really hard and has become a very acute problem. C E OThe kind of machines Indian Banks at cash counters needed are the machine which can verify not only the images but also can check the chemical and physical properties of papers, inks, resins and other materials used in production of note. Important Disclaimer: All articles on this website are for general information only and is not a professional or experts advice.
Fake Indian currency of 100,500 and 1,000 rupees seems to have flooded the whole system and there is no proper way to deal with them for a common person.

Most people do not want to deal with this problem in a legal way because our law enforcement (police) and legal system (courts) are not so easy to deal with. The legal way to handle is to lodge a police complain and mention the source of the currency and then further investigations are done. Unlike most developed countries where a common person feels free to report even a smallest problem to the police, in India it is quite different as most people avoid contacting police because those investigations can be painfully inconvenient and especially because many people in law enforcement are not exactly honest. It is possible only with the detectors specially developed considering the large number of intricacies concerning to Indian notes.

The legal system is even more troublesome, even a small court case in India can easily drag for months and years.
RBI itself has installed currency verification and processing systems in its various offices, each having a processing capacity of 50,000 to 60,000 pieces per hour.

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