In an effort to provide low-cost Quick shipping, We ship from 5 warehouses throughout the US. The Epson Stylus C66 InkJet Printer is based on the CMYK printing system, which means that the machine is equipped with for ink cartridges.
In the first step of the replacement procedure, you must switch the Epson Stylus C66 InkJet Printer on, and then open the top cover. We also offer a cheaper compatible version of this ink cartridge, NOT manufactured by Epson . Inkjet printers heat up the ink from your cartridge, and then "jet" fine dots of liquid ink onto paper.
Please note that the colors of all nearly empty ink cartridges will be displayed on the LCD screen.

After that, you must press the [Add Ink] button (please do not hold down the button), and wait until the printhead stops moving. Please replace the installed ink cartridges if the same control panel indication appears again. Now, you must press the [Add Ink] button one more time, and wait while the printhead moves to the ink cartridge-replacement position.
You can check the status of the installed ink cartridges from the EPSON Status Monitor 3 app.
Once the printhead stops moving, you must open its top cover, and then remove the exhausted ink cartridge by pulling it straight upwards while pressing the black release tab. In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must shake the replacement ink cartridge several times from side to side, and then remove it from the plastic bag.

Please do not touch the green circuit board that is located on the front side of the new ink cartridge. After that, you must position the new ink cartridge over the corresponding slot, and then push it down until it locks into place.
Please do not turn off the Epson Stylus C66 InkJet Printer while the green [POWER] indicator flashes.

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