The technology helps to bring the ink to life in a unique display of form, surface, and texture.
A visual artist named Alison Bennett has used augmented reality in a unique new way as she used the technology in combination with iPads to turn people’s existing tattoos into three dimensional artwork that appears to come to life in front of the viewer’s eyes. The exhibit Bennett created is called “Shifting Skin” and was on display at a gallery near Melbourne, Australia. The tattoos that were used for the augmented reality art had already been created and were not designed specifically for use in this artwork. The augmented reality technology turned a flat image into a moving, three dimensional experience. To do this, the images of the tattoos and their surrounding skin were taken using a flatbed scanner. When the augmented reality tattoos were viewed through a tablet, it turned the two dimensional image into one that appeared to “come to life” and float in a three dimensional way within the space of the real environment of the gallery. The reason was that the artist ran the scanned images through an algorithm that focused on texture and tone and rendered them in this unique new visual way. The augmented reality exhibit was displayed near Melbourne, Australia, at the Deakin University Art Gallery.

About Julie Campbell: With a solid background in writing and translation Julie has built her career on digging up fascinating and hard-hitting news stories. It is not often that a business born of a hackathon goes on to have a notable amount of success, but Ukrainian startup InkHunter is looking to be one of the rare ones to break out.
Getting a tattoo can be a pretty rewarding experience for many people, but you naturally want to be quite sure about what you are doing before you go through with it, which is why these guys have created a cool little augmented-reality tool that enables you to sketch a design, or select one from a gallery, and then use the iPhone’s camera to see how that tattoo would appear on your body.
What is interesting about this startup is that they did not approach the business from a level of expertise, as CEO Oleksandra Rohachova tells me that neither she, nor co-founder Pavlo (no surname provided), knew how to develop an app, had experience with augmented-reality algorithms, had an iPhone, or even had a tattoo. Upon hiring a developer and designer, the team behind InkHunter has rewritten and redesigned the whole app, unveiling the updated version 2 weeks ago. In terms of monetization, Rohachova would say that, while the app is free, they are partnering with tattoo artists, which may provide the artists with access to a significant group of potential clients. Instead, Bennett found ink that she liked and decided to use the technology to provide a unique type of examination of surface and texture in order to produce a three dimensional experience that had never been created before.
When seen through the device screen, it looked as though the person’s skin in the background of the tattoo turned into a type of topographical map of different surfaces, depths, and tones.
The augmented reality overlays were then added, powered by Aurasma, which turned the tattoos into three dimensional body art structures.

It has since drawn a considerable amount of interest as well as the eye of the world as it applied this cutting edge technology in a way that has never before been seen. If you would like to call or email us we can check our retail store stock to see if we have some available there. This Cartel Ink T Shirt is black with Beauty is Pain verbiage and tattoo gun graphics in pink. In addition to simply displaying the design, the app also allows users to apply a handful of filters and to solicit the opinions of their friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Nonetheless, they took that experience in July 2014 and, with the help of mentors, launched an MVP in May 2015.
Rohachova tells me that the app, which is currently only available for iOS (although Android and Windows versions are coming), has been downloaded about 200,000 times, with about 150,000 of those downloads coming within the past month. The result was an adventurous one that enhanced the effect of the existing image and added to it with additional graphics and animations.

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