I can conclude by saying that there is potential in this reality tattoo show, but there are many signs of it can go to hell and become a drop in the long run. Oh well, anyway, I am eager to continue to see more episodes of Ink Master to see if it is maintained well, or if it follows the same unfortunate path that many other reality TV soap operas … the bottom of intrigue swamp! Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. Since this is Spike there has to be a certain amount of titillation per season (bless their hearts) so this episode the artists are taken to a cowboy bar and tasked with burning designs into the chaps the ladies on staff wear.
Jesse turned out another bug-eyed, big-toothed masterpiece, this one using the love-hate theme. The judges give the win to Jamie who now has the chance to finally eliminate the bottom of the category and leave the best behind. Since the judges were testing balance they decided to bring in Japanese tattoo expert Mike Rubendall in to help judge. Jesse, Baby, Clint, and Steve found themselves on the carpet and only Jesse had reason to feel confident going in. Kay Kutta is gone, but the work he started on Sarah continues as she explodes on Jamie after he jokes about her losing to a Star Wars virgin. Continuing in the proud tradition of keeping the artists from getting complacent, the challenge this week was to scratch a design into a special sketching board made just for this. Since Tatu Baby won the last Elimination round she was able to assign the teams, a situation that allowed her to pass the weakest link, Mark, onto the one she wants eliminated most:  Sarah. Now that Jesse and Tatu Baby are handing out the skulls, it will be interesting to see whether they throw softballs or not.
Since they had to work in teams for the Flash Challenge, the judges have decided that the artists will do the same for this event. Tatu Baby came out on top, and Mark was given his papers after he turned in a mediocre tattoo. Mark turned in a very simple tattoo that lacked both detail and a sense of gradation from dark to light, especially compared to his partner. This week opens with a bit of drama as we see Mark and Kay begin to drift towards the drain. A chocolate and peanut butter episode as we mix the greatness of tattooing with the awesomeness of Star Wars!
Clint and Sarah are true nerds, with Sarah nearly bursting from the excitement of getting to do something like this.
Despite coming in second at the Flash Challenge, Sarah is continuing to crack, again complaining of the judges not being fair.
Keeping with the opener, tonight we find human canvasses that want a Star Wars themed tattoo. Flash Challenges on Ink Master are always interesting since they often approach the fundamentals of tattooing from an unexpected angle.
The judges felt otherwise, however, and gave the nod to Steve for his knock-out piece see below. For the first time Steve has the ability to assign human canvasses, and while he has usually remained quiet and turned in solid work, he has never minced words in the privacy of the confessional. For the Elimination Tattoo the artists were tested on their ability to do a Pin-Up, one of Dave Navarro‘s favorite styles. The pin-up is one of the best tattoo styles in the world, because who doesn’t love a pretty girl?

Not all of the pin-ups were horrible, however, and Steve came through with a true beauty that I would proudly wear.
Ultimately the judges decided that Lalo had spent too much time on the bottom of the heap and he was sent on his way for the crime of sending someone out into the world with that monstrously ugly pin-up on their arm. A few artists decided to take the additional challenge of a tongue, as opposed to a lip, and with mixed results. Horror tattoos are the order of the day, and the texture of the tattoo will succeed or fail.
This horror tattoo was done for texture, so the judges weren’t really looking for a pin-up or elegant version. Tray, however, apparently did not understand the challenge and he turns in a skull with no texture at all.
This was close, however, because Kay Kutta is letting his inexperience show in nearly every challenge.
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But he stood his ground before the jury, and claimed he believed  she was in a good enough position.
The tattoo artist who had to leave, had clearly not done a good job, and could justifiably be sent home! B-Tat!
The reason for this is to test the artists ability to demonstrate balance in a tattoo, you like composition and placing.
Both Brent Weedman and Lloyd Woodard  are quietly guest-starring on this episode, demonstrating a lot of faith in this show. A critical error on her part, however, was pairing Steve and Sebastian, a dynamic pair of talents. One of the pioneers of the Black and Gray school of tattooing, this man’s opinion carries a lot of weight.
They will both be working the same canvas at the same time, one doing a tattoo of Good, the other doing a tattoo of Evil. And one of the canvasses is a Priest, naturally. Kay knows he lacks experience and the skills necessary to take the title, so he is just out to have as much fun as he can. And their work shows it, making them the top of the heap designwise with Clint taking the challenge.
It is a common refrain that is getting tiresome, not only from her, but from every contestant who loses a challenge. Clint gives them a pep talk to not allow their artists to change tattoo placement, trying to test everyone, including himself.
This was some serious shit, I liked them all, even if they weren’t technically flawless. Unfortunately the judges were completely blown away by Tatu Baby who tattooed a masterpiece. This week is no exception as the judges take the artists to a gun range so they can perform custom engraving on the butt stocks of shotguns. Since Kay Kutta is on Federal probation due to drug and weapons charges he is ineligible to compete, thus forfeiting a chance at advantage in the Elimination round. Now that he has the Power he fully intends to use it on Kay Kutta, and Kay is not surprised in the slightest. To help the artists the producers brought pin-up model Dorenzia on set to do a shoot for all eleven artists.

Why anyone would want to do this (aside from ancient Hawaiian women who did it to mourn loved ones, apparently) is beyond me.
Clint takes this challenge easily since he seems to be the most experienced with tattooing the inside of the mouth, and he turns in a really nice script piece that is highly legible. Kay feels a little out of his depth while both Steve and Sebastian are very comfortable with this style. Having won the Flash challenge Clint tosses a Black and Gray at Sarah, hoping to crack her composure, bringing her down while elevating himself.
They wanted something scary and gruesome, which is exactly what Steve does, and he proves it this go round although Jesse put up some real competition. I am Literally giving you your own website and showing you exactly how to set it up (step by step..
So I think that they’d somehow managed to capture it well in the editing of Ink Master.
It was crappy line work and shading, and it was completely distorted … in a non-consciously artistic fashion!
He just does a better job of hiding his than she does, as evidenced by her mini-meltdown after finding herself on the bottom for the first time.
Sarah did a bisectional old-school desert piece, but the right leg was far better than the left, leaving an unfinished look as a result. Jamie is also displaying faith in Clint, at least in faith that Clint will fail which is why he gave Clint a dragon tattoo.
Mark has a lot of experience, but his decision to pursue two separate career paths at the same time, one of which potentially damaging to the other, is affecting his ability to turn in the sort of work required to attain the top spot.
Now Tatu Baby is joining the chorus, much to the delight of Kay Kutta who, seeing an opportunity, tries to shake her confidence a bit. Of the ten artists who did go out, however, some of them proved to have no facility with a Dremel, leaving some of the stocks with less-than-fantastic design work. Both men are employing the same strategy, the stated reasons, however, are quite different, and revealing. Now that she has been sufficiently rattled, off they go to Coney Island to do mouth tattoos because that is how the judges want to test texture. Then, while the judges are deliberating, he reveals that prior to the start of the competition he had suffered from major medical issues and had decided to risk his life for the title by leaving his medications at home. Embrace it, Join Us, & Live Love and Prosper with the life you and your family deserve!
Sarah, Tatu Baby, and…Lalo were the ones who struggled the most, and no one was really surprised. Suddenly all of his failures can be re-evaluated, but understanding does not equate to a do-over, and Tray was sent packing.
What was surprising, however, was just how bad Tatu Baby‘s design work turned out to be while Sarah rapidly adapted and turned in a killer piece. Kay, is being deliberately obnoxious precisely because he needs to shake up the more experienced artists around him so that he can survive the competition.
If he went into the confessional denouncing other, more talented artists as being inferior, he would just be a pompous douche waiting for a fall. Instead, he is a young, talented man who knows how to put on a show and employ psychological warfare to destabilize an opponent.

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