Our Exclusive and unique mirroring feature creates spectacular tattoo designs that can be as unique as you!
Ink also features an easy to use vector drawing tools that let the artist in you create your own designs from scratch. We have included some of the best and most useful features for creating and designing tattoo that stand out from the crowd.
Daniel Johns is a famous Australian musician and songwriter who are especially known as the former front man of Silver chair, the immensely popular rock band.

From there is his meteoric rise by initially forming a small band of 3 members “The Innocent Criminals”.  Along with Paul mac, he is part of The Dissociative and got 18th rank in the Rolling Stone’s magazine of the 25 most underrated guitarist. The scorpion tattoo is a sort of deadly rough tattoo that depicts aspects of a scorpion within a person. And you can also preview the real font style use the "text preview" function before you download this font.
He has a tattoo on his right ankle with an eagle, a tattoo on his spinal cord with motif of a tiger and various others.

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