One of the most interesting and common tattoo ideas are Skull Sleeve Tattoos in which various skull designs are inked onto one’s arm sleeves. Another great common skull tattoo design used is the Sugar Skull Tattoo — which usually comes in bright and exciting colors such as the hues of pink, red, light green, etc.
Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs can differ greatly¬†among¬†one’s choice but usually it is the skull picture that plays the dominant part. To most, the Devil (also known as Satan, among other names) is the most relevant symbol for evil, especially among religious individuals.
Arm tattoos, aka sleeve tattoos are popular not only because they are easily visible but also because there are plenty of options for arm tattoo ideas, no matter what gender you are, or what preference you have.
A beautifully curated collection of forearm and arm tattoos consisting of awesome tattoos for both men and women.
Although at first glance a skull may inflict emotions and representations of fear, death, and decay — but reality is that a skull tattoo can have many different meanings other than that.
Sugar Skulls are often used as decorations for the Mexican Day of the Dead festivities, celebrated on every Nov 1 and 2, and hence people who ink them nowadays would most likely be conveying meanings of tributes to their lost loved ones or honoring the respect to the dead.

While most men would prefer the cooler and spookier skull symbol ideas, women prefer a smaller or colorful skull design. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone with a devil tattoo does so to symbolize evil or wrongness. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are evil individuals, it shows that they are willing to express a side of themselves that most people are not willing to share.
In this post, we continue furnishing our readers a collection of 60 awesome arm tattoo designs.
It has gained a lot of popularity nowadays as superstar celebrities such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus also have some sort of skull tattoo inked onto them. Maybe the individual uses their Devil tattoo as a reminder of the kind of person that they do not want to become. We do however suggest you to think deeply first before taking on a skull sleeve tattoo as a full sleeve tattoo may not be undone easily afterwards. One of the more common reasons why someone may choose to tattoo a devil on themselves is to display their belief in Pagan worship.

While Paganism itself is quite misunderstood world around, Pagan tattoos of the Devil tend to show an early depiction of the creature. Like Pagans, many people who choose to tattoo the devil on themselves do so with an older depiction of the devil. With just a glance down at their arm (or wherever they decide to place the tattoo), they receive an instant reminder to be a better person and, well, less evil. There are many different ways to express yourself using the devil as a metaphor for the evils of life.
Other classic depictions of devil fighting scenes include the devil doing battle with angels, god himself, or other beasts that reportedly reside in hell in early depictions of the devil.
Other reasons why an individual may choose to tattoo the Devil on themselves include showing a rebellious side, a depiction for their darker side, or as a depiction of a darker event from their past.

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