Have you recently experienced a terrible loss, or do you know someone who is suffering under the weight of grief?
Death may seem like a tragedy that no words can answer, but these inspiring quotes about condolence and loss can help you to put death in perspective. If you yourself have recently lost somebody dear, these quotes about sympathy can help you to bear the weight of your loss.

Hopefully these condolences messages and sympathy quotes about loss have helped you to process the loss that you yourself are going through, or helped you find the words to comfort another. Sympathy itself can also be a painful burden to bear, when you are deeply moved by the loss of another. If you have recently found out that a friend or family member has lost a loved one, reading sympathy quotes can help you figure out something meaningful and valuable to say.

Quotes about sympathy can remind you of the value of your feelings, even when they are hard to carry.

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