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It is a story that can be heard all over Thailand where more and more Thai women are taking to the internet to meet foreign partners or perhaps find a foreign husband. This warning comes as the scammers who target international dating sites have switched their tactics in Thailand. I tell all our users, who I speak with, that this activity targets all international dating sites and that at anytime perhaps under 1% of online users may be suspect but unfortunately, it is this 1% that is more active. The irony is that Thai women dating online who become insecure about the online dating process lose the opportunity it presents for a life changing relationship and the exploration of new horizons. Two years after her online scam scare, in July 2014 Sukunya was talking online with an older German man from Dusseldorf when he asked her if she would like to take their relationship further. The extent and sophistication of online efforts to scam Thai women can be seen from a 2014 news story in Thailand. Cash ($60,000) after ripping off other Thai women in conjunction with a gang of Nigerian men based in Kuala Lumpur. The Thai woman Kessanee Mahayothee, 34, was arrested in the Thai province of Songkhla near the border. The woman confessed to Thai police that the Nigerian men, she worked with, obtained the money from Thai women by posing as western men on Thai dating sites and then scamming them out of cash with false stories. The arrest of the Thai woman came following prompt police action when a Thai woman, targeted by the scam and who had lost money, very quickly reported the incident to the Thai police. It later seem to emerge that the Thai woman would be required to pay 39,000 baht in cash to Thai customs in order to clear the payment package through customs. As the above story demonstrates, one of the key things to do is to contact the Thai authorities in the event of a problem or even a suspicion of a problem.
In spite of all this, TLL's Security Manager, Bill Mc Mahon says Thai women can feel safe about online dating in Thailand even looking for international partners. Better safe than sorry:If any Thai women has a doubt or is placed in a position where she is required to send money to a third party, she should make a call to the nearest authorities or to the dating site.
Thai women should always contact the official department telephone number or contact point and not a personal reference given by what may be a scammer's accomplice.

If you are online and have doubts about an account or profile on a Thai dating site, make contact with site security and ask for verification of the account or guidance. Remember that once you are resolved never to send money to another online user and are aware of the potential danger, you are perfectly safe. Genuine relationships and friendships can perhaps be formed online but for a relationship to be truly personal and intimate, the two parties must have met physically and spent time together.
A man who is an engineer who is widowed or with an international job who is widowed or divorced.
These scammers can be very patient and build relationships up over period of weeks or even months. The problem is so widespread that Thai police around Thailand have issued warnings and set up network responses for Thai women who chose to turn to the authorities for help. This support and network activity is already in place with several Facebook pages set up by Thai women adamant on making potentially vulnerable Thai women aware of the issue. ThaiLovelines maintains an online security team and advanced systems designed to detect and fight against online scammers according to Pranom Inthakhenee. Meanwhile Thai women's networks in Thailand continue to warn Thai women to be careful about their security online. One leading Thai woman involved with a woman's group in northern Thailand complained of a woman being lured into sexual relations with a Nigerian man who she had met online.
Online dating and social network is a fantastic resource opening up new lives and new horizons to women all over Thailand. ThaiLoveLines is Thailand’s biggest internet dating and social networking site with over 235,000 members.
Thai dating site security officers says international dating sites are perfectly safe once users are aware of the threat and heed site security guidance. Studies in Thailand show women leading the online race for dating, education and social interaction ahead of Thai men. He was working for an international company based in the middle east, a little overweight but quite handsome. However at the time, for Sukanya, a simple Thai woman, the dream seem to go from better to better.

There are now many online groups involving networks of Thai women who are working together online to combat these operators. Henrik paid her for her expenses in coming to Bangkok and took her shopping before they returned to her village in Roi Et. He claimed to be wealthy English man and promised to buy her a luxury condominium in Bangkok.
A key statistic from ThaiLoveLines security is that these actors are under 1% of any online sweep of a dating site. Even if you are a Thai woman who lives alone, find a friend or even multiple friends to share stories about your online activities with. This sort of activity is prohibited under the rules of most leading Thai dating or international sites. The goal of any online relationship and dating activity should be a personal face to face meeting.
Now there are quite a few genuine men who fit this description but it is a favourite profile employed by the online gangsters.
Her Anti Scam Facebook page identifies Thai women who have lost as much 6 million baht ($200,000). In both instances her visitor didn't stay more than a few days before moving on to the latest town or back to Bangkok.
Her dream lover from England (working in Saudi Arabia) explained to her that he had sent her a new laptop and a diamond ring. Thompson ceased but the Thai woman victim had the presence of mind to quickly contact police.

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