MobileMe Gallery, provides real improvements over accessing the gallery via Safari browser.
The MobileMe Gallery app automatically stores viewed photos so that viewer can quickly access them again, even without a network connection.
Please go to the App Store on your device and download the VarageSale mobile app by searching for "VarageSale". Photo Stream allows me to access any photo taken with my iPhone, including screenshots, directly from the Photos app on my Mac. In this post, I’ll show you how I set up a simple Smart Album to separate screenshots—Apple Watch screenshots included—from regular photos. Note: You will need Photo Stream enabled in the Photos app on your iPhone and your Mac for this to work. Now you should see all of the screenshots that you’ve taken on your iPhone and your Apple Watch. It’s possible that other photos, outside of screenshots, may appear in your Smart Album. I have not found the value of iCloud Photo app yet with the fact that it neither help to save my phone ‘s storage or cheap. In this article, we’ll give you some tips for managing your iCloud storage so you can get the most of the space you have available. Automatically back up your camera roll, accounts, documents and settings when this [iOS device] is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.
If you scroll all the way down it will show you when the device was last backed up to iCloud. If you tap on one of the devices that is not the one you are currently using, all you will see is when the latest backup occurred, the backup size, and an option to delete the backup. If you tap on the device you are currently using, you will see when the latest backup occurred, the backup size, and the option to delete the backup. Here it shows you what apps your device is backing up and how big the files for that app are.
However, if you don’t want to get rid of anything, you can turn off the Camera Roll backup feature.

When my Camera Roll gets out of hand, I upload the whole roll to a Shared Photostream (you don’t have to share it with anybody), then empty the Camera Roll. My iphone 4 has dumped my calendar, and I googled how to restore my calendar dates and it led me to this blog.
Now users can easy view or watch their friend’s gallery photos and videos, and also includes a neat scrolling marquee of pictures.
Instead of connecting my iPhone to my Mac and importing screenshots manually, or instead of using AirDrop, I simply use Photo Stream to do the grunt work. This is because we simply filtered on the PNG file extension, which will cause all PNG files to display there. On apps like Aperture, you could filter on a much broader range of assets, including file size, dimensions, etc. At the early I was quite happy with the service and abandoned Dropbox backup which I used everyday.
For most users, this is more than plenty of space, but for some, it isn’t nearly enough. Photo Stream pushes any new pictures you take or import to your other devices for a total of thirty days. Tapping on Pages, Numbers and Keynote will show you what files are saved in that app and how much space each document takes. You’ll also have a set of options to decide what app data you want to backup to iCloud. The Camera Roll is the place on your device where the pictures are saved after you take them or save them from other apps.
If you then want to continue to use iCloud to back up your device, but can’t fit your photo library in the provided storage space, you may have to delete some photos. While you can still use iCloud for saving your other important data, doing a regular backup in iTunes on your computer will allow you to keep a second copy of that critical data as well as provide you with ample storage space for your photo library. I see more and more people complaining and only offering 5 GB by the biggest cash cow in tech industry is ridiculous. This is great for quickly grabbing iPhone screenshots, and it even allows you to easily access screenshots taken on the Apple Watch.

But since the majority of photos taken with the iPhone’s camera are JPG files, most, if not all of files in this Smart Album should be screenshots, which are always PNG files.
Hopefully, Apple will flesh out the Smart Album filters in the Photos app to allow us to hone in on other key assets. However, as there are more and more photos taken from my trips, iCloud Photo has showed weaknesses. I wasted 4€ to test out photo app with my bulky photo library and what it brought to me were just an disappointment together with time wasting to migrate back to another storage app.
It is also a good idea to turn these on, because it allows you to quickly restore up-to-date versions of that data even if your iCloud and iTunes backups are out of date.
Photo Stream stores your last 1,000 pictures, which you can then save permanently to your other device.
Most of these files are so small and insignificant (in terms of storage, maybe not data) that turning each one off in the hopes of saving room in your iCloud is a waste of time.
If that number is close to 5 GB, you will have to make room so that iCloud can back up your device. The Dropbox application has a feature that allows you to automatically detect and upload new photos to your online storage, which is then synced through the Dropbox website and app to all of your other devices. They are a password generator that makes you passwords from common english phrases so theyre easy to remember and secure. This could make it possible, for instance, to only display Apple Watch screenshots, since they are of a specific dimension.
Backing up your photos through iCloud is a good idea and it works well, but it isn’t as ideal as one would like it to be, since you cannot go into the backup file and take a few specific pictures out.

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