To be fair, infections can and do clear up on their own all the time - the immune system can and does fight them. But they can get worse very quickly - and this one is a fairly decent size - and in the interest of preserving a tattoo as best you can at this point, I agree that you should see a doctor. Current: 12g firsts, 14g seconds, 14g thirds, 16g tragus, 16g L nostril, 12g nipples, 12g vch, 1 tattoo. After the last session in which he is beginning to tattoo over the last tattoo, I noticed one section has not been healing well.

Sometimes it loses, but I'd like to give it some credit because it does sometimes win, too. It is about a week since the session and an area of skin looks a bit pitted, red in the surrounding area, and still looks open in some areas.
Some of the brightest, most well healed tattoos in the world have been healed with soap and water. I have been washing it and patting dry a few times a day and putting a thin layer of A&D but now switched to antibiotic cream because I am worried it is infected.

I sent pics to the artist and he told me to wash it with antibacterial soap or put antibiotic cream on it.

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