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The Mayor of Christchurch, Councillor David Flagg, is visiting the ever-popular Sunday Social on the 4th of October, which will also see the 24-piece Old Tyme Songsters perform for older guests in and around the Borough. It's amazing how a simple afternoon of lunch and entertainment can make people smile and laugh so much - it is the social aspect of this event that has the power to really make a difference.
The monthly event is becoming a firm date on the social calendar of many over-60s in Dorset, organised by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) and Forerunner Personal Catering. Free of charge for all, the event offers the older residents of Christchurch and Bournemouth something a little bit different on a Sunday afternoon - especially for those who may not receive many visitors or find it difficult to venture far from their homes. It is then followed by an hour of entertainment - with acts so far including a variety performer and singer, coupled with a few sessions of the ever-popular Bingo.
Co-sponsors of the event Forerunner and ICM have been delighted with the turnout so far and the wealth of appreciation from guests.
A number of other organisations are also supporting the event - Lions of Christchurch, Age Concern Christchurch, Dorset Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPP), Brendoncare Dorset, Christchurch Borough Council and Bournemouth Borough Council.
The event is held on the first Sunday of every month from 12.30pm until 3pm at Greystones Hall, Waterford Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5JL. The team behind the Sunday Social is looking for acts, shows and talks that would be of interest to the over-60s. Volunteers and hosts are also needed to assist the smooth running of the event and comfort of its guests, so if you feel you might be able to offer any help at future Sunday Socials, please get in touch with Jo Mitchard at Dorset POPP on 01305 225920. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The RHEA Group, a Belgian-headquartered Space Engineering Consulting and Software organisation, is proud to welcome SixSq Sarl of Switzerland, a European leader in Cloud Computing, within its ranks.
Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, SixSq produces software solutions for national and international companies. Since its foundation in 2007, SixSq flagship product, SlipStream®, has been successfully used by commercial and institutional customers to interface easily with multiple cloud computing services. The RHEA – SixSq partnership brings with it an established European and Canadian space, defence and cyber security business base that will provide SixSq with the required network and financial reach to develop its ambitious roadmap in Europe, North America and worldwide emerging regions.

SixSq CTO, Charles Loomis added, “Our new combined cloud computing and cyber-security skills are key to our development roadmap, opening new markets in scientific, governmental and commercial sectors”. Both companies are dedicated to creating innovative software and systems solutions and products. Andre Sincennes, Managing Director and President at RHEA and chair of the SixSq board of directors emphasised, “The RHEA – SixSq strategic alliance enables the diversification of our Information Technology solutions. SixSq, provides cloud computing solutions to national and international companies of all sizes. RHEA, a member of the ADGA RHEA Group of Companies, is a leading Space Engineering consulting and software company — the fastest growing Belgium-based SME that offers System Engineering expert services and innovative solutions to the aerospace and cyber security industries. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Services provides services across the state through our network of local technicians.
Real Estate Pro’sWhen you have a home to show, or a property to maintain, Clean Pro is your partner to make sure the gutters are in tip-top shape. Carers and those that they care for are also especially welcome, as the event also offers an afternoon of respite for both parties. If you are a performer, drama group, band, tutor, or lecturer, please do get in touch for a fantastic opportunity to entertain and inform a very appreciative audience.
Founded in 1979, the Institute is a not-for-profit organisation, registered educational charity number: 1045370. The clubs aim to prevent social isolation by providing older people with fun and friendship along with a varied programme of activities, outings and stimulating guest speakers. The aim of this programme is to deliver and evaluate, through 29 Local Authority led pilots, locally innovative approaches, aimed at creating a sustainable shift in resources and culture away from institutional and hospital-based crisis care for older people towards earlier, targeted interventions within their own homes and communities. SixSq role in the Helix Nebula initiative, a partnership between big science and business players under the leadership of CERN, ESA and EMBL to chart the cloud computing development in Europe, has established SixSq as a European cloud expert. SixSq latest product, NuvlaBox®, is a cloud-in-a-box solution and is ideal for field operations and education in emerging regions as well as environments with poor or intermittent connectivity, due to its small size and support of data privacy and security applications. SixSq’s cloud computing knowledge and software development practices will enhance RHEA’s existing strong Space and Cyber security expertise, enabling more dynamic, more robust, and richer solutions.

The partnership with RHEA comes at a perfect time with the right mix of financial assets and common new opportunities. RHEA’s established public and private customer portfolio will provide an expanded market for SixSq’s cutting edge enterprise cloud solutions and consulting, while SixSq provides RHEA with an enhance technology capability base and a Swiss presence, broadening its European market coverage. The company specialises in process automation, bringing financial benefits to its customers via its unique products like SlipStream® and NuvlaBox®. Its teams of system engineers and scientists provide support to clients across Europe, Canada and the USA. Bookings to attend the Sunday Social can be made with Forerunner (01202 434555) or Dorset POPP (01202 225920). Its international headquarters are in Christchurch, Dorset, and it operates in more than 130 countries.
The key to the success of Brendoncare Clubs is the network of volunteers who run them, the low cost to members and the provision of transport for all those who need it. What’s also important is that we’ve known each other for many years now, so we are hitting the ground running”. The SixSq acquisition brings to the RHEA Group innovative products and talented people who will contribute to broaden RHEA’s technology offering to its customers worldwide”. ICM is heavily involved in social and economic development, and supports, sponsors and promotes a number of projects in the UK and further afield in order to encourage social cohesion. The team, which consists of highly skilled software engineers, developers and system administrators from many different countries, is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision. RHEA’s combined space domain expertise and excellence in system and software engineering is both recognised and unique, resulting in highly reliable user-centric solutions. SixSq strives to build long-lasting partnerships and collaborations with all of its customers.

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