If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly (or via RSS). Carnegie fabrics is seeking a detail oriented graphic designer to work within the marketing department part time with potential to go full time. Projects are diverse ranging from printed materials such as product brochures, sales manuals, and business cards to online banner campaigns and website updates. Are you one of those job seekers who have been sending far too many resumes and been hit with far too many disappointment? Today we want to bring to your attention a collective of 45 creative and beautiful resumes that will definitely impress an employer.
Curriculum Vitae by Jonny-RocketA CV that probably laid the author the job and great at attracting attention among several hundred applicants.

Life Chart ResumeAuthor’s first take at visualizing general tasks he does daily between age 0-32.
Resume on FabricJust a creative way to get a graphic design job, while expressing author’s parallel interest in fabric and sewing. Vinyl Record-Themed ResumeA relatively clean teaser of a graphic designer’s resume, black and white version. Michael Anderson Resume InfographicA different perspective on the typical time-line theme resume. Resume by ChuckDLayA copy of author’s resume included in each issue of DESGINERD toward the end where the novelty ads would normally be. Personal Resume Draft by Steven DuncanAn eye catching resume illustrating author’s education and work-place experience since high school. Server Resume by Orange ResumeA resume that designed for someone who was applying to be a waiter at a restaurant.

We are looking for someone who can gather requirements, generate designs and respond to feedback from the team. You should drive projects from initial concept to final production while adhering to critical deadlines. Putting more effort and thoughts into creating an impressive resume is definitely worthwhile, as it is usually the first thing any employer sees before flipping through your entire portfolio.

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