Take a look at some of the interesting design ideas to know what they mean and what you could do with them.
As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition. Vale and Andrea Juno, Modern Primitives: An Investigation of Contemporary Adornment and RitualAn Italian horn is a traditional symbol representing a superstition from the ancient Greek culture. Also known as the corno, this tattoo design is a symbol from the times when the moon goddess was worshiped. A lot of permutations and combinations can be made to this horn design to give it alternate meanings or value addition to what it already means.
Let's take a look at some of the awesome Italian horn tattoo design ideas to get an idea of the artwork you can etch.Italian Horn Tattoo Design OptionsWord TattoosThe melodic nuances of Italian make it a language that many associate with fine print of love and its many expressions.
Create the much revered Italian horns out of abstract designs, beautiful paintings, kaleidoscopic colors, or fill it up with tiny charms that have been your guardian angels all through your life.

Someone's look of jealousy towards your possessions, nursing mothers and animals, and towards intimacy of lovers was the idea of an evil eye.
Interestingly, this language also holds the strength to motivate and inspire many art lovers too.
This is a creative way to double up your protection too!Swirling RibbonThis is a quintessential Italian horn tattoo. The charm was traditionally worn around the neck to prevent harm from such negative influences. A typographical horn that says what you feel, while it guards against the evil eye, is like killing two birds with one stone. The best part about this tattoo design is that you can ink variations of meaningful words or phrases on the ribbon. So, if you are a true patriotic, get a map filled up within the contours of your horn tattoo.

To make this tattoo a unique one, you can get a particular spot (location) etched with further details.Butterfly and the HornThis one is a completely feminine variation of an Italian horn. This tattoo design is a beautiful combination of what means fighting evil energies, transforming your energies, and soaring high towards a freedom of thought and mind.To make tattoos look truly awesome, you have to really think from your heart about what you want to ink. Meanwhile, hope these tattoo ideas serve you the much-needed inspiration they are meant to.

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