Eeeeeewwww I dont want to be licked by the poop licker thing it’s gross btw it sounds like a dog except its hideous.
Your family will get epic misfortune that made me crack up epic, who uses epic as a mifortune gage.
I will probably write longer, individual pages about these monsters and creatures at a later time. She hides her frightening form by keeping her back to you, but when she turns, you realize she has no face, just a bare skull. Instead of being beautiful, Ningyo is a creepy woman who has fish scales for skin, a face like an ape and razor-sharp teeth like a pirahna.

She tries to lure unwitting men into falling asleep and then, she sucks the life force out of them. If you are unlucky enough to marry Kitsune, it will feed on your life essense while you are asleep.
If you’re out fishing and you catch Ningyo on your hook, you must immediately toss her back into the sea or else your family members will suffer epic misfortune or even death. If you cook and eat Ningyo, you will remain beautiful and youthful for all eternity… but your family will die. The only way you can get through is to kick the lower area of Nurikabe to make him disappear.

Wanyudo is also real, and he is featured in Hell Girl as an old man, then turns into a carriage with his face on fire as wheels when Ai Enma (Hell Girl) needs to go down to earth and exact revenge.

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