We have seen number of people having this design and for some of them this tattoo design has masculine representation with its ability to overcome times of life. These designs are mostly preferred by guys and girls with splashing water, fire in the mouth and some flowers also. So, at last you are definite that you will allow your tattooist to draw a tattoo of koi dragon.
As we told you earlier a myth about koi dragon that's why it is also a sign of courage and perseverance. Whether you can get a koi on your right arm and a dragon on your left or you can get them both together on your one arm.
However, for the reasons of larger size and manifold colors this design can be costly to get inked.

Therefore you have to consider a lot about various combinations of colors for your koi dragon tattoos.
The koi fish is highly esteemed in Chinese and Japanese cultures where it has been featured in countless myths and folklores. We think dragon koi tattoos can be great choices for guys and girls who love colorful and sexy tattoos. But it we go deeply about the history of koi dragon then we come to know that they are originated and bred in China but the Japanese made it a household name.
The fish is associated with many positive qualities and ideas such as power, success, masculinity, courage, strength, endurance, bravery, good omen, good fortune, perseverance and magical qualities.
Some of the most popular shades used in koi tattoos include black, white, gold, gray, red, blue, purple, orange and yellow.

The tattoo designs can also feature an array of other symbols, such as aquatic vegetations and lotus flowers.
Both cartoonish as well as realistic koi tattoos are equally popular among aficionados of oriental body art.

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