October 21, 2014 By jptattoosymbols Leave a Comment "?" is a descriptive symbol which is formed by 3 different parts, all of which have meanings. October 21, 2014 By jptattoosymbols Leave a Comment "?" is a pictograph that shows how raindrops come down from the sky.
October 21, 2014 By jptattoosymbols Leave a Comment Although "?" means "insect" or "bug," the symbol is a pictograph that is derived from the shape of snakes. Although it looks cool as an artistic symbol, it indicates the way female slaves are suppressed mentally, showing the extreme emotion of the suppressed; the anger that is never eased.

For most religions there is only ONE GOD, but for some reason all the nature elements have their own gods in Shintoism. It's the core part of Japanese traditional mentality, which inspires you to complete your mission. The concept of the symbol is deeply related to Japanese typical religion Zen, in which it is highly important to understand and focus on what is real or genuine. Even though the symbol is officially defined as one of the commonly used symbols, it is used only for the names of mountain passes.

As used in the famous movie name "The Last Samurai," the symbol has already been one of the famous Japanese symbol in the world.

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