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We got a chance to talk with so many kickass bands at Carolina Rebellion, not only about their music and being on tour, but about their tattoos.
The cherry, which is rich in colour and juicy in consistency, relates directly to the life giving power and fertility of a women. Cherries go well with many different tattoo styles, although they work best if they have a retro flavor. The meaning of the cherry tattoo also varies according to whether the cherry is on the tree or has been plucked from the tree. However, when the cherry is depicted after it has been removed from the tree, its significance changes.
Cherry blossom tattoos are more popular than cherry tattoos and they have a very symbolic meaning in Japan and China.
Many of today's cherry tattoo designs are inspired by the father of old school tattooing, Sailor Jerry. These traditionally inspired designs, including snakes, swallows, eagles, nautical stars, dice, wild cats, sparrows, skulls, scroll banners and cherries are chosen as an acknowledgment of the rebellious nature of the history of original tattoos.
Since cherries are a simple design, they can be altered and tattooed in a way that will create a variety of representations. While cherry tattoos are already sexually charged symbols, the placement of the tattoo can make a great difference in its interpretation.

Other placements, including those on the arms,wrist, legs, bikini area and upper back can also be sexy, these are less mysterious and add a fearless, flirty feeling to the tattoo. Although many tattooers have fiddled with the imagery of tribal tattooing, Aisea Toetu’u is trying to reintroduce the actual practice of Polynesian tattooing to a wider audience. Back To Top Contact Us Terms of Use Careers Privacy Policy Advertise Site Map Feeds © Complex Media Inc. Featuring shops such as Soul Signature Tattoo & Art Studio, Tattoo Licious, Blackcat Tattoo Studio, Skin Deep Tattooing, and Working Class Tattoos, Honolulu is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. While a cherry first appears to be an innocent symbol, its true significance is based around fertility and sexuality. The cherry is also said to starkly resemble the fullness and colour of a woman's lips, which is a very alluring feature of the female form.
The flavor is intense and the colour is strong, and it has also been looked at as a symbol for the first sign of love.
A tattoo that depicts a cherry still on the tree, is said to represent the innocence and purity of a woman. A cherry that has been plucked from the tree or a dripping cherry pierced by hands or the mouth represents the loss of virginity and correlates to a woman's lost innocence, lust, and ability to inspire lust.
Sailor Jerry was a famous tattoo artist, who owned a tattoo shop in Honolulu for over forty years.
Cherries are very easy to use as the primary focus of a tattoo or as a colourful symbol to add flair to an unrelated design. A cherry tattoo on the hips, lower back, chest, or on any other area that is covered by clothing, exemplifies the cherry as a symbol of lust and fertility.

A native Hawaiian tattooer with Filipino ancestry, Toetu’u first came into contact with Maquesian tattooer Pooino Yorandi and anthropologist Tricia Allen at age 19. The results are beautiful, geometric tattoos, in which the hashed markings, resulting from the flat tapping device, can be seen through blackwork.
With a population of around 375,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town.
Cherries can be inked simply as a plain cherry, one that has burst open and is leaking juice, or even a cherry that is in flames or equipped with devil horns and a pitchfork. It has a strong erotic significance and is considered to have various representations of sexuality. Google Places lists 99 different tattoo shops in the Honolulu area, which shows how competitive the city truly is.
Blackcat Tattoo Studio currently boasts one of the largest selections of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Richie Lucero, Shay Haas, Josh Wrede, Marie Makowski, Jose Morales, Steve Von Riepen, and Simon Halpern. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

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